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  1. m555zma

    Pharmalady Early Christmas Present 🎄

  2. T

    Masteron cycle recommendations?

    Hey people! Long time since I posted on this forum, but I need some input on what would work really well in a Masteron cycle. Really to do as a summer cycle, to look hard and grainy as shit! I was planning on doing Masteron on 750mg per week, alongside Test-E or Sustanon. (haven't tried...
  3. H

    test e & masteron p cycle plz give me feedback :)

    hey guys, ive structured my 4th cycle, and its gonna be test e and mast p. my stats: 28 yrs old training for 10 years 12%BF 181cm height 84 kg im gonna start this cycle when i hit 9% bf week1: test e 250mgx2 per week week2~12: test e 250mgx2 per week, mast p 100mg eod week11~week 14: hcg...
  4. Mark Diesel

    Holding a lot of water on deca, question.

    First time running deca. I knew I had to keep my diet more in check with it, and I am. My estrogen and prolactin are completely in check. I’m holding A LOT of water, it’s quite messy. Though, I LOVE the way I feel on it. I am a powerlifter, but I also like to look a little better than a water...
  5. D

    First time using tren

    Hello my names Derek First time posting on here I just joined up and wanted to thank you personally Dylan for all the content you put out and all the free knowledge you give -wipes the brown off nose- With all that being said I am about to start a cycle. This is my 5th cycle, my first two...
  6. L

    Low dosing Trenbolone, Masteron, Test for 8-12 week cycles.

    About to run my fifth cycle. Looking for opinions on how to low dose an 8-12 week cut and still have good results. Trenbolone acetate Testosterone propionate Masteron propionate OCS: Arimidex, cabergolin, milk thistle PCT: Nolvadex, HCG Anyone experienced in doing this and still having...