1. Cocopiny

    Running high test?

    Im considering running the following cycle for my recomposition, with the goal of gaining as much muscle as pos without gaining too much fat. 1.25g test Sustanon/wk 400mg mast 300mg Boldenone (Might add lgd4033 along the way) Any experience with running test this high? (Yes I have an...
  2. N

    Domestic Supply Odin Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol Log

    What’s up my iSarms community! Very excited to start my cycle log for Odin brand: Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol courtesy of the best in class providers at Domestic Supply. Please see attached photo of how my order arrived. Fantastic and prompt communication from their team...
  3. m555zma

    Pharmalady Early Christmas Present 🎄

  4. T

    Masteron cycle recommendations?

    Hey people! Long time since I posted on this forum, but I need some input on what would work really well in a Masteron cycle. Really to do as a summer cycle, to look hard and grainy as shit! I was planning on doing Masteron on 750mg per week, alongside Test-E or Sustanon. (haven't tried...
  5. H

    test e & masteron p cycle plz give me feedback :)

    hey guys, ive structured my 4th cycle, and its gonna be test e and mast p. my stats: 28 yrs old training for 10 years 12%BF 181cm height 84 kg im gonna start this cycle when i hit 9% bf week1: test e 250mgx2 per week week2~12: test e 250mgx2 per week, mast p 100mg eod week11~week 14: hcg...
  6. Mark Diesel

    Holding a lot of water on deca, question.

    First time running deca. I knew I had to keep my diet more in check with it, and I am. My estrogen and prolactin are completely in check. I’m holding A LOT of water, it’s quite messy. Though, I LOVE the way I feel on it. I am a powerlifter, but I also like to look a little better than a water...
  7. D

    First time using tren

    Hello my names Derek First time posting on here I just joined up and wanted to thank you personally Dylan for all the content you put out and all the free knowledge you give -wipes the brown off nose- With all that being said I am about to start a cycle. This is my 5th cycle, my first two...
  8. L

    Low dosing Trenbolone, Masteron, Test for 8-12 week cycles.

    About to run my fifth cycle. Looking for opinions on how to low dose an 8-12 week cut and still have good results. Trenbolone acetate Testosterone propionate Masteron propionate OCS: Arimidex, cabergolin, milk thistle PCT: Nolvadex, HCG Anyone experienced in doing this and still having...
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