Upcoming Steroidify/Ultima Cycle


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In the next up coming couple weeks I will be starting my Ultima cycle. All products were received from Steroidify. Below is my cycle along with some product pictures and a couple starting pics.

200 lbs
No clue on bf guessing high teens

12 week Cycle

Wk 1-12
Test 250 @ 350 mgs a week
NPP 150 @ 350 mgs a week
Proviron @ 50 mgs a day will run 16 wks

WK 1-4
Superdrol 20mgs/day first 4 weeks

Starting HGH @ 1.5 ius/day will run for a year

Aromasin and caber on hand but should not need them due to past cycle experience.

The tren and sust in the pic are for buddies.

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very nice pictures. Is this going to be your log officially?
I love the testosterone, NPP and proviron stack
one of the all-time best ones for size
i like how you added in superdrol to kickstart things
it's a pretty hard core cycle and your dosages look pretty good
Ultima is a great brand!
no doubts that you will kick ass on this cycle
sterodify and ultima are legit!
i have used them multiple times
I hope you are logging this cycle because I'm excited to see results
I don't think you are in your high-teens I think you're probably around 14 or 15 percent body fat
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