Adding in MK 677 / 2886 while on Tren E cycle?


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Hello everyone I was intending on doing a Tren E Cycle in a couple of months at 500 per week. I was also planning on using Mk 677 while using it so my appetite and recovery will improve. I was also considering adding in Ostarine as well, not so much for the muscle effects but more so for the joint and bone support. I plan on pushing myself hard and I do have some issues with tendons/joints so I was thinking the extra supportive would be beneficial. What do you guys think? Should I use Tren E with MK 677 & 2886 or should I just use the 677 and use something else for the joint/bone support during the cycle? I've also heard of people using ostarine during pct. I might consider doing that if I don't use it in cycle. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
If you haven’t even run a test cycle, why are you wanting to run a tren cycle? That’s like wanting to use a racing motorcycle when you haven’t yet taken the training wheels off your bicycle first.
do you have ANY cycle experience at all? what are your stats? age/height/weight/body fat??
Whoa my bad guys. I meant to say Test-e Cycle, not Tren-E. Would it be beneficial to add in the ostarine or should I just keep the mk 677?
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