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    Advice for planning 2 cycles in 8 months?

    Hey guys, I have 2 events I am training for in the next 8 months, a marathon at the end of Nov, and a 50 mile ultra marathon at the end of Feb (about 16 weeks apart). I am not competing in either race, just doing it for "fun". Since this is mostly endurance stuff I'm planning on going with a...
  2. C

    Question about Osta and what to expect at 15mg/day

    Hey everybody new to the sarm life and it?s been a couple years since I really lifted habitually. Been going back for a few weeks and wanted something to kickstart my progress and a buddy recommended Ostarine. I shopped around and went with some from MMG labs. Well it?s been 4 days using it and...
  3. B

    Chemyo MK-2866

    Running my first SARMS cycle and wanted to start mild. I am dosing 20mg/day for the last 11 days of Chemyo Ostarine and haven't seen any results so far. Did I buy from the wrong company or do results just take a while?
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    How hard can I cut on stack?

    This will be a little long so that I can fully understand the pieces I am missing and get it all answered within one thread. I am not new to lifting, however I have always been in the bulking realm. I am looking to purely cut and preserve muscle because I can always bulk very well quickly due to...
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    Army Ranger School

    Hi, I am going to Ranger School in a couple of months and I want to bulk up as much as possible. Most guys burn like 10,000 calories a day at RS and loose 20-30 pounds by the end of it. It lasts two months long if you don't recycle. I train 2-3 hours a day, doing heavy ass gym lifting, running...
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    Ostarine beginner question

    So I?m currently in an awkward point in my fitness journey right now, where I?m not quite as lean as I?d like to be, but I?m also not quite as big as I?d like to be. I?ve been extensively researching SARMs to see what the cost/benefits are, and which compound would best help with body...
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    AI and Ostarine

    Hi guys I?ve just received my Ostarine (from sarms4sale) and my Aromasin. I?m planing on doing a full 12 week cycle of Ostarine 25mg a day. My question is for you guys if taking Aromasin during the cycle would be necessarily to avoid or control my estrogen levels since I?m prone to gyno from...
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    Ostarine cycle Testicle pain (week 3 of 25mg)

    Hello all, So I started liquid OStarine 3 weeks ago at 25 mg a day. Goal is to do 12 weeks Just started getting some minor testicle ache that has lasted the past 3/4 days now... Woke up today and it is definitely feeling better. I know Ostarine has potential to suppress Testosterone but based...
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    First time SARM user.

    Good Evening, I just wanted to get an opinion on this matter. This is my first time that I'm going into SARMS. I've done a lot of research before deciding to get into this. I've been working out and keeping my diet in check consistently for a year now. Getting my bloodwork done tomorrow before...
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    Rad + lgd and maybe ostarine ?

    Hey everyone I am an experienced sarms user, I've done rad and lgd separately a couple of time and I am currently looking to gain lean mass. I will soon be taking 10mg of rad and 10mg of lgd per day for 2 months. After that I am planning a pct with clomids and also cardarine to shred. By...
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    Dynamic Performance - Ostarine Cycle Questions

    Hi, I just got Ostarine from Peakbody co uk and i know there is a lot of positive feedback on their site in general when u check it up. Tho im curious if anyone have tried their sarms (specifically Ostarine) and know if its legit or not? manufacturer is "Dynamic Performance" Im just going to...
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    Advice on a Stack, LGD and Ostarine?

    Hey iSARMS team, Looking for some of your advice on the best stack to get onto. I play rugby (3x per week) and gym (3x per week) but have had a niggling hamstring injury that is at about 90% that I can't seem to get fully right. I'm wanting to get over the hamstring injury, build...
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    Ostarine for skinny 21 year old?

    Hi all, I’ve been struggling to gain weight as long as I can remember. I upped my calories from about 1500 to over 3000 gradually and still only managed to gain about 2kg in 5 months with regular workouts. Currently at 61kg and 6’0, ideally I want to get to 75kg. Been tossing up the idea of...
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    Ostarine authenticity

    Hello all, I'm a newb to SARMs, but I've done a bit of research on them, and I'm interested in using ostarine to maximize the healing of an injury and strengthen the injured site. However, I'm concerned with a pretty fundamental question related to this, which may be obvious to seasoned SARM...
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    Question about Mk-2866 (Ostarine)

    So if I where to cycle Ostarine at 10mg a day for 4 weeks, would I need a PCT? Also would this cycle help me get some gains or nah? Kinda new to this so any tips are very much appreciated, and sorry if this is the wrong place to post:)
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    First SARM cycle one year post op gyno surgery

    Im 27 and have been lifting consistantly the passed 5 years or so. I had surgery about 1 year ago for gyno ive had since puberty (gland removal/lipo). I am now considering running a sarm cycle of purely ostarine so I can see how my body responds to it. I'd obviously get my blood work down...
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    Anyone heard or used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms?

    Has anyone used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms? They have a extensive product range, have a instagram account, and have a reasonable review on here: They also use Colmaric Analyticals as their 3rd party testers of their products...
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    Ostarine so far

    Hi all, i just wanted to post up my thoughts on my current cycle for any potential new sarm users. Im on week 5 of Ostarine, week 3 of Cardarine and week 2 of MK677. Ive never tried sarms before but ive got to say ive found the results fantastic. If Ostarine is the mildest sarm im excited to try...
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    Lgd + mk 2866 (ostarine) pct

    How would a lgd+ mk 2866 (ostarine) cycle pct look like? I plan on taking them 4 weeks, I've run ostarine in the past and noticed good results with no side effects, still, I dont know much about the subject, thanks in advance.
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    Gyno advice needed - First SARM Cycle

    Hi, I have decided to give sarms a try after training natural for a few years... but I have a problem with gyno since puberty and it seems to have grown i got out of shape a few years back (going up to 30% bodyfat). I am around 20% bodyfat at the moment and want to start a cycle of ostarine. I...