Rad + lgd and maybe ostarine ?


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Hey everyone

I am an experienced sarms user, I've done rad and lgd separately a couple of time and I am currently looking to gain lean mass. I will soon be taking 10mg of rad and 10mg of lgd per day for 2 months. After that I am planning a pct with clomids and also cardarine to shred. By accident I ordered ostarine and I was wondering if I added a 5mg of ostarine on top of lgd and rad would it be too much ?

Thanks in advance !
5 mg of ostarine is absolutely pointless and makes no sense... you can definitely add it with no problems but its ran 25 mg per day
Alright lmao so I guess nothing underneath 20mg but I was wondering if I would see a big difference if I was stacking it with the other 2 because from what I've read ostarine is the "less powerful" so idk if I should take it.
Osta is usually run at 25mg/day.

Your LGD dose is fine. Rad I usually run 20mgs/day but 10 will still work.

If you dont have enough osta to run an entire cycle with the rad and lgd either save it for another cycle or buy more so you have enough to run properly as Dylan mentioned.
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