How hard can I cut on stack?


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This will be a little long so that I can fully understand the pieces I am missing and get it all answered within one thread. I am not new to lifting, however I have always been in the bulking realm. I am looking to purely cut and preserve muscle because I can always bulk very well quickly due to muscle memory. I started a moderate dosage of ostarine, cardarine, and anadrine. My question is, how low can I go on calories before it just backfires? Is the muscle preservation enough from the supplements to have an extreme deficit? For example, a total of 500-1500 calories on non lifting days? This next bit is bro science that I would like shut down or confirmed. From what I understand, if you break down muscle without having enough calories (or in general are just starving) your body turns to using the muscle because it is better nutrients, however; will the anti-catabolic effects prolong the amount of time it takes for this to happen? For example, if you were at a major deficit and split your nutrients across two or three days that you would normally need on the same day of lifting will it still work or will your muscle still be consumed? If that is absurd, then could I just eat at maintenance/above on only the lifting days and return to a deficit the next day due to the enhanced protein synthesis or do I still need 48-72 hours of real recovery as if not on any supplements? From what I have read most people eat at maintenance when using these sarms and lift, but that results in about one pound of fat gone per week and some muscle growth. I am looking to lose 3+ pounds per week of fat. I would love 5, but I am trying to stay at least somewhat realistic. I am only attempting to be so drastic because I only want to cut for a short time before bulking back up. I am also open to fasting, I have already been implementing it.
6ft 2 in, 218lbs, 230lbs+ when bulking ~16-20% current bf.
Feel free to make me sound stupid, or to actually help! I'm new to the intricacies of cutting, I know people that are completely natty usually just cut out 500 cals a day to try and lose 1lb a week.
you just have to test it man.. ive been teaching nutrition for almost a decade... there's no way any human can accurately answer this.. this type of thing is so much harder to get into than steroids, sarms etc... its not even comparable... a good nutritionist is just able to get things dialed in far quicker, find certain pinpoints most can't find and have several different types of methods for each individual etc... you just have to test it out and see how far you can take it... i can tell you that having sarms involved will clearly help preserve muscle and let you get away with a lot more than you could without them...
I appreciate the reply, I seem to be cutting decently and maintaining well with low calories but I'll only do it for a short while so my bmr doesn't take a dive bomb/head into true starvation. Thanks!
There are so many factors. Body type, training, age, metabolism, daily activities, type of job. This is something that comes with experience. I've learned as I get older my maintenance is far less than what it used to be when I was younger. As Dylan mentioned adding in SARMS/AAS can change things even more.
I fast 18-20 hours a day and ive done up to 3 day fasts with just water. I didnt lose all my muscle.
Thanks! I'll keep testing and I'll update if I find anything significant that may be of use to others
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