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  1. B

    How hard can I cut on stack?

    This will be a little long so that I can fully understand the pieces I am missing and get it all answered within one thread. I am not new to lifting, however I have always been in the bulking realm. I am looking to purely cut and preserve muscle because I can always bulk very well quickly due to...
  2. C

    T3-T4 for Fat-Loss/Recovery

    I've been looking to add either one or both to my existing stack since I've heard such glowing reviews from people at the gym. I'd be happy if someone else could share their experiences with the community here. Would anyone recommend it?
  3. Cocopiny


    Hey guys, so I’m running 14 wk cycle 1 week into it 350mg test every week (sust 250), will up to 500 by the end of cycle 400mg of primo every week, will up to 550 by end of cycle Clen (going to use in the final 4 weeks) I’m 77kg at 5ft 8, so not huge but not small have been on 4 cycles before...
  4. C


    What is the best source/distributor for clen? Are there better alternatives to the clen?
  5. A

    Information on sarms cutting stack

    I want to start sarms cutting stack with S4, cardarine, sr9009. Can i include yk11 in this stack as well ? What should be the dosage and timings for the compounds ?
  6. J

    First Test E/Var Cyle - W/ PICS

    I started my first cycle on Feb 27 (5 weeks ago) and I've been running 300 mg test e pw. Will add 50mg var from week 6-12. I've been disappointed with the results so far. My weight has went up about 8lbs (4lbs of which was during) week 1 & 2 but I haven't really noticed much of a difference in...
  7. J

    Post Workout Fast during SARM cycle

    Hey guys I was wondering if it would be a bad very idea to fast for about 4 Hours after your workout. I train first thing in the morning and fasting helps me with productivity for the rest of the morning. I'm doing a recomp cycle (LGD-4033, Ostarine, GW-501516, MK-677) and my macros are...
  8. R

    Need cutting advise !

    Hi,im 25 ,male 5.10 183 lbs 14-15 % bfl Done 3 cycles before ,rn im on test & deca have another month of bulking,but after that i have to cut for my mp competition,l have 16-20 weeks to cut last year i ran Test E - 350 mg & 500 mg EQ for 16 weeks,added winny 50 mg for last 5 weeks,results were...
  9. m555zma


    I just calcutaled my cutting macros for my new diet.. It spit out 95g for protien.. Wtf? I'm 210lbs, 5'9, lightly active.. If you do 2g×weight, protien should be 420g. Also protien is highest during a cut to maintain muscle while burning fat.. What you guys think?. 95 couldn't be right no way
  10. m555zma

    Cutting soon. Mast or Win?

    My bulk is almost over with deca (from pharmalday. Incredible stuff). Went from 173lbs to 208 and still see abs.. *going to cut on tren with either mast or winny. Never tried either; only read about them. Which do guys prefer. Masteron or winstrol?
  11. J

    SARMS Stack (Cutting) beginner

    I have a couple questions before I decide to try out this stack after reading multiple forums on here. Age:25 Height :5'9 Weight: 225.4 lbs I plan on using MK-2866, S4, and GW 501516 for 8-10 weeks. MK-2866: 25 mg to start and work up if needed S4: 50 mg to start and work up to 75 mg if...
  12. J

    Goal is to Tone! Best Advice for 138 lb to just 150 lb?

    Hi all, I'm a 138 lb male and my goal really isn't to bulk much or increase much in size, but just increase in overall tone and strength. My goal would be to be 150 lb and super toned. I used to be a CrossFit trainer until I took on an office job, and now having worked in an office for the...
  13. R

    Sarms For Cutting.

    I need a bit of advice and guidance on this .. Been researching sarms for a while and interesting in giving it a go here are my stats: Height : 6FT 2 Weight : 215LBS Body-fat : 23 % Ive gained a goof few pounds of unwanted fat through the last few months and want to slim in down and tone up...
  14. D

    2nd Cycle - Suggestions

    Hello Community, 35 year old, male, 5'9, 230lbs, been lifting for 20+ years. Approx. 18% BF. I have successfully ran my first cycle, and am really happy with the results. My first cycle is below: 1-12 Rad140, 20 mg daily 9-12 DGA Post CT 13-16 Clomid 50/25/25/25 GW-501516, 20 mg daily...
  15. I

    Need info on SR9009

    This is Gaby. I would like to reduce my body fat and gain lean muscle mass . I am new to Sarms / roids, so I need guidance. I would like to try SR9009 and reduce my fat and increase endurance . Does it need PCT ? If so what should be my PCT ? Age 28 Height 5'9" Weight 176 lbs Body fat %...
  16. J

    Need advice for Ostarine and Cutting

    Hey guys, So I just ordered some Ostarine and I'm super excited to start my first ever cycle! I'm using it for recomposition purposes, but I need some advice when it comes to my bodyfat loss. I was quite fat and have dropped from 32% bodyfat (255 lbs) in November down to 17.5% bodyfat (194 lbs)...
  17. F

    It’s time to shred (critique my sarms plan)

    Hi, My story: I’m 46, 5’11, 214. 2 years ago I started my journey at 262 and 34% bf. I got down to 186 and 13% bf. I started my first bulk 6 months ago using LGD and Ostarine. I’m very pleased. My bench is up 50 pounds and I’ve kept my gains through pct. So I’m ready to shred and welcome your...
  18. 2

    Suggestion on sarm stack for cutting and some size increase

    Hi Dylan, I'm 37 yrs old and wanted to know your suggestion for a SARM stack that will help with cutting and still gaining some lean muscle. I've started cutting about a month ago and I'm currently around ~12%bf at 148lbs (i'm a hard gainer/ectomorph). At the end of Dec I was on 1-Andro from...
  19. J

    Cutting after cycle

    Ran a 12 week cycle of test c with tbol got some really good size and strength this is my second cycle and it was a bulk. Iam thinking about bridging in between cycles with some sarms but want to cut a little bit of the fat I have gained how long do y'all think I should wait to cut after my pct...
  20. B

    Cycle help

    Hi I need help on what cycle I should be running. I don't know if I should run a cut or a recomp. I'm 5' 10" and I weight 187 lbs. I'm at 20% bf, I wanna get that around 10 to 15 but at the same time I want to put on size. I just finished a cycle of super mandro and starting my pct. I just need...