Need advice for Ostarine and Cutting


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Hey guys, So I just ordered some Ostarine and I'm super excited to start my first ever cycle! I'm using it for recomposition purposes, but I need some advice when it comes to my bodyfat loss. I was quite fat and have dropped from 32% bodyfat (255 lbs) in November down to 17.5% bodyfat (194 lbs), through a mix of eating a keto diet, and significant calorie restriction (around a 700 calorie deficit). Once I start this cycle, what should I adjust my deficit to so that I maximize my fat loss, and hopefully gain some muscle? I would like to make a point of acknowledging that I am not anywhere near my natty max, and am mostly using this cycle as a boost to my progression speed. I intend on having a more robust cycle for bulk gains once I get my bodyfat below 12%.
at 17.5% you should still be cutting down more before attempting to gain too much muscle... you have dropped a lot of weight in a short period of time so you dont want to do this in an unhealthy way but ostarine was designed to prevent muscle wasting so you can still eat in a deficit and gain or hold muscle...
Gotcha. Would you recommend I modify my deficit, or is 700 calories still an alright cut while taking ostarine?
Alright cool, thanks bro. As for a PCT, I ordered a bottle of liquid clomiphene with it, since it was cheap. Is this good, or should I go with something else?
Congrats on the weight loss.. great to see. 60lbs in 6 months is pretty extreme so I wouldnt try to "boost your progression speed" at this point. If the high fat/pro keto style diet is working stick to that for the most part.. maybe mix in carbs pre/post workout and see how you respond. Id begin to increase your focus on lifting and lighten up a bit on cardio. I always recommend circuit training vs strict cardio. The goal here would be to stimulate and maintain as much muscle as you can so when you hit your ideal weight youll have some lean body mass on your frame. 15% bf with muscle looks better than 10% no muscle so focus more on the mirror not the scale.
Thanks a lot! Great to finally be happy with the way I look after many years of being super unhealthy. Yeah I switched to a Greyskull LP weight training regimen a month or two ago and I am absolutely loving lifting. I always avoided it in place of cardio as a kid from a sheer lack of understanding of BMR and the metabolic boost that comes from muscle gain. I'm really excited to start putting on some serious mass as soon as I get low enough BF. Thanks for your input!
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