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Goal is to Tone! Best Advice for 138 lb to just 150 lb?


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Hi all,

I'm a 138 lb male and my goal really isn't to bulk much or increase much in size, but just increase in overall tone and strength.

My goal would be to be 150 lb and super toned.

I used to be a CrossFit trainer until I took on an office job, and now having worked in an office for the past 3 years (with not much time or motivation for the gym), I have lost my toned body that I once had. I've rejoined CrossFit now and would like to get serious about my results. After reading into SARMS in great depth, I think it can help me get back to where I'd like to be much faster, and would give me my confidence back that I've been lacking ever since I quit CF.

A friend who introduced me to SARMS recommended the following cycle:

S4 50mg Week 1-12
Lgd 10mg week 1-6
MK-677 6-12 10mg
RAD-140 6-12 25mg
Ostarine and Clomid 12-16 - 50mg/25mg/25mg/25mg

However, after reading a billion different articles and forums on all these SARMS, I'm thinking that the only two things in the above list that make much sense for me is S4 and Ostarine. And then a PCT of Clomid for 4 weeks.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of people on these forums with similar goals as me (staying small around 150 lbs and just toning up), and so I haven't been able to find anyone who recommends just those two.

Does anyone here know if the two can be taken together at the same time?

From what I've read, the following simple cycle seems to make sense to me;

- S4 50mg/day for Week 1-12
- Ostarine 50mg/day for Week 4-12
- And then a PCT cycle of Clomid

I've also already had my blood tested and so I feel confident starting.

Any thoughts, advice, or recommendations on the above will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You want to go from kind of flabby at 138 to low body fat at 150? That’s not a little bit of muscle, that’s quite a bit.
Others will answer soon about SARMS. I’m not familiar with them yet.


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Actually that's a good point. But to clarify, I am still in pretty good shape, just basically lost muscle mass and added a tinnnny bit of flab hah. I guess my main fear is shooting past my 150 lean, toned goal far before the cycle ends.

Thanks for responding!


12 pounds of muscle is asking a lot for a single sarms cycle but is achievable . I gained almost 13 pounds first cycle of LGD,RAD and GW but my diet was spot on and I worked my ass off for every pound. Id prefer to use RAD or LGD as a mass sarm and I think you would benefit from one or both of these, however if you want more endurance, some mass etc than S4 and MK2866 are fine choices . Depends what suits your goals......


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1lb of muscle a week is a lot to ask out of a SARM cycle, even for a steroid cycle.. Be realistic man. Sounds like you got to start with your eating habits.