1. AsapSlim

    S4 Dosing

    Im confused as to how long you can run s4. Ive seen multiple people say that 8 weeks max but then i get on sarmsx and see they have a 12 week cutting stack that includes the sarm s4...which one is it 8 or 12?
  2. AsapSlim

    Sarms results (photo included) gw and s4

    Stats- Age: 33 Height: 5'9 Start weight: 215 End weight: 185 Push/pull intensity training 6 days a week Cycle length: 8 weeks Starting bf% 20 Ending bf% 14 I also threw in some intermittent fasting, 16hr fast with 8 HR feeding window 4 days a week.
  3. M

    Cutting help

    I'm about 5'8 280 looking to enhance my cut. I've been lifting all my life but I stopped for awhile and got up to 350lbs.. by February that's when I stopped and got back in shape. I have a long weight lifting history so this is nothing new but my body is slowing down the speedy weight loss..I...
  4. P

    Greetings from Greece and Advise kindly requested on SARMS cycle ;)

    Dear all, hello my name is Nikos and I’m from Greece. I’ve been looking into SARMS for the past two weeks and I am about to decide an move on to run a SARMScutting cycle. My stats: 34 years old / 1.70 m / 78kg / 19% - 20% BF Goals: Would love to gain some height LOL / Drop 6 kg of Fat and /...
  5. J

    Advice on Cutting Cycle

    Hello, I am looking to lose body fat but still gain some lean muscle. The main goal is still fat lose though. I am 6'1" 213 pounds and about 15%-16% body fat. I want to do a cut with sarms but do not know the best stack for it. I wanted to definitely include SR-9009 and GW-501516 in the...
  6. TOG565

    Return from Injury - SARMS LOG / advice needed

    I am 43 and am returning back to training from a back injury. Prior to that I had 20 years in "fitness" training maintaining a 12%-15% b/f depending on goals. I have been sidelined for several years and am ready to roll. I literally woke-up one day and started training. I made the rookie mistake...