First time SARM user.

Is this a solid decision?

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Good Evening, I just wanted to get an opinion on this matter.

This is my first time that I'm going into SARMS. I've done a lot of research before deciding to get into this. I've been working out and keeping my diet in check consistently for a year now. Getting my bloodwork done tomorrow before I start the cycle and was thinking about stacking Ostarine with LGD. I am thinking about starting off with Ostarine at 10mg for a week then bump it up to 20 and incorporate 5 mg of LGD-4033 after week 2 or 3 and keep it at that dosage till the end of the 10-12 week cycle. After Cycle is complete I was thinking about using Rebirth PCT.
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oh boy... 1. rebirth pct? is that a joke, or are you actually being serious?

2. 10 mg of mk2866? are you a female??

3. 5 mg of lgd? once again, are you a female?
+1 on everything dylan mentions above.

Those doses are really low and I dont get why you would stagger the start of the LGD?
lol that's too low....!? even for someone who's never dabbled with SARMS? The 10 mg is just to see how my body would react. Ease into it rather than just start with 20mg right off the bat.
I would just temper your expectations then. As DYlan said those are doses that females usually run. You can certainly start with that if you wish. I would recommend sarmsforsale if you havent bought your sarms yet as they have awesome product and really good pricing.

PCT you will want to run low dose clomid or nolva and a natural test booster.
how is that funny? you wrote lol? those are female doses so if your not a female, fuck yeah their low...
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