Question about Osta and what to expect at 15mg/day


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Hey everybody new to the sarm life and it?s been a couple years since I really lifted habitually. Been going back for a few weeks and wanted something to kickstart my progress and a buddy recommended Ostarine. I shopped around and went with some from MMG labs. Well it?s been 4 days using it and I have trained twice since I started and I really can?t tell a difference in anything as far as well being, energy, stamina, recovery are all the same as before. The customer service said it takes 2 weeks approx for you it to really start to work. I don?t see how as the half life is somewhere around 24hrs so I don?t see an accumulation aspect or anything making sense. Have I been duped or does it take time doing a stand alone cycle of Osta? Any info is appreciated!
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