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    LGD 4033, GW, and S4 Questions

    I am currently running: 10 mgs LGD Daily (Week 6) 50 mgs of S4 Daily (Week 6) 20 mgs of GW Daily (Week 6) HCGenerate Daily DSpark Daily My question is two-fold (well, maybe three or four fold, haha, but we’ll see as I continue typing)… I will start by saying that I am considering running...
  2. M

    Ostarine(mk-2886) PCT

    Hey guys i am planning to do an ostarine cycle [email protected] weeks. I read that you should get an aromitiser just in case but i still have a question for the PCT. I saw that dylan recommed a clomid pct after it put i can't get it at the moment. I want to take nolvadex instead, what are the doses you...
  3. G

    Ostarine side effects for women

    Are there any women on here that have and side effects while on ostarine? My wife has been on ostarine for a little over two months and has noticed that her menstrual cycle has been very sporadic and almost seems that she is always pmsing and moody. Does the ostarine usually affect a woman's...
  4. X

    Best & Proper PCT for Ostrine MK-2866

    I've been using Ostrine by it self for exactly 30 days. I take it in pill form, at 25mg once a day. I need some advice on running a proper PCT, to avoid gyno, and other side effects. At the moment I have a bottle of HCGenerate EX that I plan on using post cycle. Dylan in one of your videos I...
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    SARM and PH combo guidance

    Hi all and a massive thanks for this forum actually existing! We need more people like this :) I've just ran Ostarine for 6 weeks and I'm thinking to do as follows: - Go straight into MK-677 for at least 11 weeks (will then be travelling for 2 weeks so will continue after that) - 3 weeks into...