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Just received Ostarine + Cardarine from Umbrella.
Blown away -- great prices, easy checkout, free shipping, amazing packaging/branding, responsive customer service, etc etc.
This co really goes above/beyond.
Have also purchased peptides & SARMs from -- also a great exp -- but Umbrella ... wow.

Anyway, I'm running Ost+Card for cutting & lean gains with min sides.
Looking to match exp I had w/ Anavar in past, so feel this combo might come close, but was wondering,

1. If I'm running low doses (Ostarine 10mg + Cardarine 10mg) for 8 wks max, do I even need PCT (have read both on forums)?
2. If so, would I need something as strong as Clomid / Novadex, or are there lighter alternatives for this type of mild stack?
3. I have the Poly-Cell formulas. I shake for 20 secs & leave under the tongue for 1 min. Any additional benefits to leaving it longer?
4. Should I run a peptide cycle (like Ipam + CJC no dac) or non-SARM like MK when I'm off-cycle with Ost/Card?
yes you do need to run a pct with either nolva or clomid.. only one of them...

no, COMPLETELY unnecessary to be holding it there any longer...

more and more people are running peptides than ever before.. i havent ever seen them this popular in the last decade... definitely a great option to go with after your cycle...
If you really wanted to be sure, you could get bloods to check on suppression. Ostarine is only minimally suppressive at the typical 25mg dose so at 10mg you may not need a SERM. If you are not going to get bloods then I would just play it safe and dose either clomid or nolva pretty low for 4 weeks.
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