1. J

    Sarms Stack and PCT

    Hi Guys, I need your suggestions. I am planning to take ostarine only for 8 weeks. As I am prone to gyno, I will be using an AI i.e aromasin @25mgs EOD. I will be running a natural test booster from week 6-8. For PCT: Clomid - 50/25/25/25 Nolva - 40/20/20/20 Aromasin-...
  2. G

    New to SARMs. Female, wanting to lean out.

    Hey all, Ive been interested in SARMs for about a year now and haven't really done anything with this interest. I have a few male friends who are currently using to bulk up. All im wanting to do is shed a few kgs, lean up and get stronger. Some background knowledge: im 22, female, 6"1 and...
  3. M

    Sarms cycle advice needed

    Main goal maybe gain 5lbs of muscle as dry as possible no wet gains Ive done previously 3 months of MK 677,and ive done the sarms triple stack Planning on running Osta,rad 140 (low dose) maybe add some mk677 low dose 15mg Cycle Osta 1-8 15mg-25mg Rad 140 1-8 10-20mg AlCar 2g...
  4. A

    7 weeks of Ostarine

    In 10 days I'll finish up with a 7 week cycle of Ostarine. Liquid form from a reputable source. I haven't noticed any sides whatsoever, other than maybe mild testicular shrinkage, but could be my imagination. In any case, I plan on running DAA and Tribulus to boost natural test levels...
  5. J

    Need advice for Ostarine and Cutting

    Hey guys, So I just ordered some Ostarine and I'm super excited to start my first ever cycle! I'm using it for recomposition purposes, but I need some advice when it comes to my bodyfat loss. I was quite fat and have dropped from 32% bodyfat (255 lbs) in November down to 17.5% bodyfat (194 lbs)...
  6. S

    Low testosterone, clomid, ostarine?

    Hi all, bit of info, I've been going to the gym for 4 years now and have very little to show for the amount of time I've been lifting. Admitidly I havent always had a proper program but I have for the last 2years and things still haven't worked out. It turns out that my testosterone over the...
  7. U

    New user saying hello. Also, a couple questions about my Osta cycle.

    So, yeah. I should of researched more and figured out what I need for a 12 week cycle of Osta. I ended up with only a month and a half cycle @25mg. I ordered more, but won't be here for 4 days. Will be a week total off cycle. My question is, should I start Osta back up in 4 days or start...
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    Ostarine / Arimidex dosage?

    Hello, So I started my first ever Ostarine cycle about a week and a half ago (4/5/18), and I noticed that my right nipple was getting a little puffy/sensitive and my libido was tanking after about a week. I was dosing correctly at 0.25mg ED in the morning, but the symptoms came quickly...
  9. H

    SARMs cycle for gaining size and keeping muscle while losing fat (BEGINNER)

    Hi, I have been looking at LGD4033 and Ostarine. I am 22 and 5'9 with 160 lbs and 18% BF. I have been working from 3 years and have been using creatine and protein.. want to gain muscle while lose fat. mainly muscle gain. What cycle would you guys suggest? Also, do I need to have AI and natural...
  10. K

    Ostarine Help

    About to start a cycle of Ostarine (8 weeks, 30mg a day). This is my first cycle of any performance enhancing drug lol. Im currently in a cut (2000 calories a day, losing 2 lbs per week) and am wondering if I need to up my calories while I’m on cycle. From what I’ve heard, the ostarine will make...
  11. U

    Very Low T and Ostarine

    I'm 23, a newbie to SARMs, and I started a 6 week ostarine cycle about 2 weeks ago at 20 mg/day to test the waters. I've also had "depression" for close to 6 months and have been on a SSRI, just went off of it. I went into the doctor last week to get my testosterone checked, and my free test...
  12. J

    First Time SARMs Cycle

    Hi guys, I’m new to the SARMs industry and want to take lifting to the next level. I’ve been lifting consistently for two years now. My stats are 18, 173lbs, 13%ish body fat, and 5’7”. I’ve done extensive research but don’t consider myself a professional at all. For my first cycle I plan on...
  13. K

    Ostarine, S4, Cardarine cutting cycle.

    Hey everyone. First post so forgive me if I have done something incorrectly here. I am currently running a strength cycle for ostarine at 25mg ED for 4 weeks followed by a 4 week break and repeating 3 times. My goal is NOT to put on mass/size, it is to gain strength. I am however not monitoring...
  14. S

    Please help in Last Informations for First Ostarine Cycle

    Hello , i First apologize for my bad english , im german xd. So After a Lot of Research about sarms i Decided to take a Ostarine Cycle it would be my First Cycle eher with a Substance. I choosed it because it seems to be pretty effektive and the supression is very minimal ( this is Important...
  15. D

    Mk 2866 eyesight

    Im having trouble of my eyesight when im entering indoor. Something like flashbanged and it gets hard to focus on specific things. Anyone on mk 2866 got the same effect too? Whats the reason behind this?
  16. B

    first cycle questions

    Hey guys, Im about to start my first cycle of ostarine (MK-2866) and Cardarine (GW-501516). I have done a lot of research up to this point but there are still a few questions that I haven't really found an answer to. 1. Would taking a thermogenic fat burner have a negative affect on the fat...
  17. M

    Ostarine + Lgd Stack help

    Hi Folks, I need a little guidance for stacking ostarine and lgd together for my cycle so need some help with the dosage and duration along with a proper PCT. Body weight : 196 lbs Height : 6'1 Body Fat : 17-18% Age : 29 Goal : Recomp
  18. B

    First cycle

    I am planning on having my first cycle on Ostarine.. I thought about either doing 10mg for 8 weeks or 20mg for 4 weeks. Will I be needing a pct for these dosages? Thanks
  19. G

    8 week cycle of Cardarine + SR 9009 + mk-677 + Ostarine, is it safe?

    Hello, I have 2 bottles of Cardarine, 3 of SR 9009, 2 of mk 677 and one of Ostarine, Im not sure if I should take it all at the same time in a 8 week cycle, I mean is it safe? I actually have enough mk 677 for a 12 week cycle and could start that before the other stuff. mk 677 has worked great...
  20. P

    MK-2866 Alpha Laboratories

    Hi Guys, I came across this ostarine from Alpha Labs.... Cannot find any proper info about this brand... have any one of you heard about them? (I live in Malaysia and I'm afraid it is some local non genuine shit)