New user saying hello. Also, a couple questions about my Osta cycle.


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So, yeah. I should of researched more and figured out what I need for a 12 week cycle of Osta.
I ended up with only a month and a half cycle @25mg.
I ordered more, but won't be here for 4 days. Will be a week total off cycle.
My question is, should I start Osta back up in 4 days or start a clomid (have in possession now) mini PCT now? Maybe a 12.5 mg for a couple weeks?
I also am getting Lgd in 4 days as well. Should I wait to take that after I PCT, or just start Osta and Lgd together?
Sorry if these sound like newb questions, but I'm a newbie.
Really appreciate any and all responses. Thank you for the forum.

Body fat %25-30 ?
Years of training: just started 6 months ago
Complete cycle history: first one currently Ostarine 4.5 weeks
PCT: have clomid (never done PCT)
Goals: lose fat, gain muscle
Supplements (dmaa 100mg + caffeine 200mg daily)
General idea of nutrition (no allergies)
Any other relevant info (2 shoulder sugeries one on each.)


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4 days off is okay to continue but if you are missing more than a week, then you need to run pct and just chalk it up as a wasted cycle... save your lgd for another cycle... its pointless to add it now...