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So I started with Ostarine and Rad 140 for my recomp cycle. I am eating about maintenance calories and shuffling a deficit with light cardio 2-3x a week with 4 weight training days..
Started with ostarine 25mg and rad 20 mg and worked up to 40 mg osta and 30 mg rad since thats the sweet spot for a lot of guys. I'm just about mid way through my 12 week cycle and I was wondering where my protein intake should be? I'm always training for strength and fat loss. I'm getting great results I started with 1 gram per lb of lean body mass but I was wondering since i'm running these compounds should I increase my protein intake even more bc of the increased protein synthesis? Also been on mk 677 for a few months before this so i believe my protein synthesis could be even higher?
theres no magic number there... 1 gram per pound is just fine.. theres an older way of thinking that you need millions of grams per protein which is just not necessary or tru.. some go up to 1.5 grams per pound but thats just trial and error.. thats for YOU to test out.. everyone is different and anyone telling you there is some magic number just doesnt know what they are talking about or they are not being honest... its just lazy answering to throw out a number and act like its universal
This is definitely something that will be different for everyone and getting this dialed in has a variety of factors with which you are going to have to test different methods out
i remember 15 years ago posting on forums and people saying you needed 500g of protein a day. you know where those people are now? probably dead

you don't need a set amount of protein a day, that is absurd. i will tell you something interesting that nobody thinks about but it is true. when you take in the optimal minimum amount of protein you actually make your body more efficient. getting in a absurd amount of protein actually hurts you more than helps. this is why if you watch survival shows the big dudes used to eating tons of food daily don't last more than a day or two, they've actually managed to weaken their bodies so much that if they don't get a ton of protein and calories they cannot even think or function physically. that is called being weak, i hope these clowns aren't joining our military cause they would be pathetic having to serve in an emergency situation
So i'm shuffling between a calorie deficit on my cardio and rest days to caloric maintenance on training days. Been working pretty well too
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