1. P

    First Cycle

    Hey Guys, this is my first post on this Forum. I'll be running my first SARM cycle for 8-12 weeks from January. If anyone could give input that would be much appreciated, fire away with any comments you have! Context: Height 5ft 10in. I've have been carnivore now for around 5 months, started...
  2. Cocopiny

    Igf-1 on a diet?

    Hey y’all Current physique and bodyfat percent for reference; I’d guess close to 15% Just started my diet to get shredded for Spain holliday in late December. Was wondering wether continuing to do Igf-1DES straight after training alongside a big meal of rice and chicken into the muscle...
  3. J

    Cycle suggestion.

    I'm looking for suggestions on a stack sarms or steroids that can help with more explosive power/speed for athletic performance. I play flag football competitively and travel to multiple tournaments a year around the country. I should be ok gaining 3-7 pounds of muscle and still have good...
  4. bcalton

    Age 27 beginner sarms cycle question

    Hello everyone, I am new around here I have recently done some research on sarms and am looking for advice on a beginner stack. My diet is quite clean i eat 4-5 meals a day mostly rice chicken fish and veggies with a protein oatmeal and flax seed combo for breakfast. I've always had a very hard...
  5. S

    SARMS Netherlands

    Hello everyone, I've been lifting for about 2/3 years and curently looking at buying SARMS. After some research I founds RAD-140 to be looking good. I weigh around 100kg and im 20 years old. My lifts are: bench 120kg, squat 190kg and deadlift 200kg. Dont want to do something crazy for my first...
  6. Cocopiny

    Cutting cycle advice for classic physique bodybuilder

    Hey All Hopefully I’m not breaking rules by asking for stack advice? Currently this is me- 97kg naked 18.3’ arms off pump 16-18% bodyfat Most recent two cycles- Cut cycle- Masteron,400- 600mg/wk wk1-12 Test sustnanon 250- 500mg-750mg wk1-12 Winstrol- 20-40mg wk6-12 Anavar- 20-40mg wk1-12...
  7. J

    PCT for Ostarine?

    Just received Ostarine + Cardarine from Umbrella. Blown away -- great prices, easy checkout, free shipping, amazing packaging/branding, responsive customer service, etc etc. This co really goes above/beyond. Have also purchased peptides & SARMs from -- also a great exp -- but...
  8. M

    Mk677 question

    mk677 cycle prefer 6 months or more, so if stack to my cycle, test and anavar cycle is 12 week then 4 week PCT, so after PCT, still can only use MK677 until 6 months? no need stop all the drug? thanks for any information
  9. J

    stack question for d2 swimmer

    I'm D2 swimmer in college and as of now completely natural, been to/finaled at ncaa nats in sprint events, I specialize in 50 free and sprinting all 4 strokes so 100m is the absolute most I race. I've done most everything I can to get to elite level of the sport naturally. i'm making the...
  10. D

    First sarms cycle advice

    Hello I’m a 21 year old male I have never touched any PEDs before but I’m planning to take sarms for first time . My goal is to recomp ( build dry lean muscle and burn fat) For aesthetics my stack : Acp-105 starting dose 10 mg to 20 mg max Cardarine : 20-25 mg Dhea as test base Question...
  11. Davz

    First SARM Cycle.

    Hi, I have read alot here on the forums and I hesitate alot between Rad-140 + cardarine or Ostarine + Cardarine I have played racket sport at national level for the past 18 years (I am 32 years old). I stopped competing last year, and most likely will only play for fun. Covid added me abit of...
  12. S

    LGD cycle

    Hi all, Currently been on a lgd (muscle rage) cycle for 3 weeks, started on 3mg for week 1 and 6mg for weeks 2 and 3. Two days ago i have come down with a really bad stomach bug and I am passing liquid, have had fever , and headaches. Could this have anything to do with the lgd itself, and...
  13. L

    Sarms Bulking Stack

    Hi isarms I wanted to get some feedback on my sarms bulking stack. Info: age 36, weight 96 kg (lost around 9 kg since mid May 2021). Still trying to lose more weight. I have been working out since age 18, on and off. But this year I started again after a 3 years break. So I would start this...
  14. R

    Newbie here with Sarms

    Just started Sarms, anything i need to know or advice?
  15. D

    sarms for muay thai

    Hi Dylan, I am a Muay Thai practitioner. I am 34 years old. I am looking for the safest sarms possible. I am interested in a sarms that can give me extra boost in energy, endurance, focus, and of course bigger and stronger muscles. I am not interested in the most powerful but about the safest...
  16. G

    Looking for Oral only cycle advice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a oral only steroid cycle. I have done 2 cycles of LGD at this point. I want to do a oral only steroid cycle now. I have been looking at TBol, Anavar, Primo like individually not like all stacked together. I have read in some places that oral only cycles are usually...
  17. L

    Need some cycle advice

    Hi guys First post, be kind! I've never had any experience with SARMs before but have been reading a lot of info on this forum. I'm looking for some help building a SARM cycle around LGD, I've read some good things about it's ability to put on lean muscle. Stats Age: 25 Height: 5ft 10...
  18. P

    MK-677 NZ Source

    I'm looking to do a cycle of mk-677 as a standalone or stacked with ostarine (young and broke so might only be able to afford the mk). Anyone know any sources that are either in NZ (preferrably) or will get through customs? I have ordered some from PureRawz but it hasn't arrived yet even though...
  19. S

    Bloods help

    So I posted a few weeks back about missing bloods by a week.. so 1 week in I got them done.. stupid mistake but yeah, everything was in the normal range except test at 214 and estradiol at 43.. id like to even then out.. test back up a little estro back down a little any help would be awesome...
  20. P

    Ostarine beginner question

    So I?m currently in an awkward point in my fitness journey right now, where I?m not quite as lean as I?d like to be, but I?m also not quite as big as I?d like to be. I?ve been extensively researching SARMs to see what the cost/benefits are, and which compound would best help with body...
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