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Hi Dylan,

I am a Muay Thai practitioner. I am 34 years old. I am looking for the safest sarms possible. I am interested in a sarms that can give me extra boost in energy, endurance, focus, and of course bigger and stronger muscles. I am not interested in the most powerful but about the safest. The one that not require me to run a pct, the one that don?t suppress my natural production. And also the safest dose. Something like this does exist? What is your advice?

Thank you very much,
you want A LOT there and want no side effects etc.. you have to get realistic first man... i can lay you out a very very nice cycle that covers a lot of the ground you want, with little to minimal sides but you would need a mini pct... the first thing you have to do is be realistic or i personally cant help
You will have to compromise somewhere and based on your sport I would say just run Cardarine. It will help with endurance and will not require a PCT. What it will not help with is muscle building.
First I would like to say thanks to any suggestion you can give me. I would like this discussion to be constructive and understand more from your experience. As I said I am a Muay Thai athlete here in Thailand but at 34 years of age I see that the amount of energy and the ability to recover are slightly diminished compared to my twenties. Based on the things I know (probably not enough) I thought that the ?revolution? of SARMS is to be able to target exclusively the muscle tissue instead of sending signals to other kind of cells. Also I thought that since are not synthetic reproduction of testosterone they would be able to don?t suppress your natural production. Plus, I thought that if the dose is minimal it doesn?t give saturation to the cell receptors so that would be possible to increase metabolic reaction of the cells like increase energy generation and increase protein synthesis without drop testosterone production. P.S. since Muay Thai requires very high energy consumption I would like to know if there is a product that help in muscle building and not only in increased energy: I am training weight lifting for increase sport performance 3-4 times per week and I would like, with the diet, to substain a slightly increase in muscle size.
For your sport, gw is the best thing you can use. Get it from
Hey Dylan does this company ship to bankok? My freind making his one fc debut I told him to grab gw and sr9009 but he lives in bkk so we don’t where to get the good shit there and thais are big scammers
yes, i can help you with them on the order bro... just shoot me a pm
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