LGD 4033/GW Cycle

I am not posting details like I did before and this is not a log like many of you post. I am simply giving my feedback on a source I found here and my very high-level opinion on a product.

Short story 4033 is excellent/Umbrella is excellent

I am 47 and have lifted for 30 yrs. I was a 3 sport athlete and played sports competitively through college. I am on TRT. I l know 1/10th of what most of you know about steroids or sarms but I do know a lot about lifting, physiology and athletics.
This is my second Sarms cycle. I did 3033/GW in the spring with awesome results. I wanted to compare 3033/4033 related to mass. I will say this is my second Sarms cycle but really my third. About 7 yrs ago I tried Sarms but had literally no effect as I am sure they were bunk. I only tried them after having a friend refer me to Dylan's videos and seeing the reviews about 4033 and its lack of sides which is exactly what I was looking for.

I am 8 weeks into a 4033, GW, Test C 200mg/week cycle

First off Umbrella is great. I think you all know that by now. Not only have I purchased from them but my friends have also. The product is great and the speed, price and service are the best I have had period. I had one bottle of GW lost in the mail and I had a new one here at no charge with no questions asked in 2 days. Best source I have used in my life.

Second. For me, with my age and goals at this stage of my life, SARMS are the ticket. I am at a stage where I just want a little more than natty and I want it without sides. Both 3033 and 4033 have given me honestly much more than I expected with little to no side effects.

I am only 2/3rds the way through my 4033 cycle but comparing it to 3033 I would say

4033 more size
4033 more strength
3033 look way better due to it being much drier

I read that 4033 is like weaker dbol with no sides and I have to say for me this is exactly what I am getting. I would for sure get bigger on dbol but not by a ton and not without way more sides.

Honestly, comparing 4033/3033 I would rate them both at least an 8/10 due to the nil sides I experienced and the results being far above my expectations. If I could have my cake and eat it too I would take 4033 with something stronger than GW to cut but I am ecstatic about the results I got both times given the sides.

As I said, this is not a detailed log of any kind. Just me sharing my thoughts in case it may help someone decide like the posts here I read helped me
great to hear you had good results
This is so great to hear! Thank you for leaving your review, it is so helpful for all of us!
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