1. N

    Sarms stack newbie

    Hey guys hope RickRock and Dylan see this thread and chime in but to all that read this. I have been doing research on SARMS and wanted to recomp and cut body fat as fast as possible.Was interested in running mk2866 only cycle for 12 weeks @50mg a day( 25mg in am/ 25mg in pm) along with a pct...
  2. D

    cycle of LGD-4033 closing phase (last bottle)

    Currently about to finish my second bottle of lgd and going to move onto the 3rd and final bottle in a few days. i have been running it at 10mg/ ED since day one of cycle. was wondering if i should up dose to 12 mg or continue to finish out the cycle at the same 10mg ed. any help appreciated
  3. S

    SARMS Stack help Female

    I am a female, 29 yr old. Looking to lose some fat and add muscle. I'm on the fluffy side, around 5'3 145 lbs, I don't know body fat maybe around 30%. Just wondering where I should put my focus (build muscle first lose fat second) and what is the safest option in regards to a sarms stack. I...
  4. foxb

    Mike Israetel video stating that SARMs are just anabolic steroids

    After 3 weeks on GW20mg/d+MK20mg/d I am really impressed with the results, being up 3kg lean mass (70 up to 73kg with 11%BF staying lean). Endurance was up immediately, strength and size after 2 weeks. It's the first thing I ever used that actually works noticeable (in contrast to the other...
  5. RUCingdsgainz

    New user in search of advice, PCT?

    New to gear although have been lifting for over 8 years. Ran test prop and tren Ace for three weeks and am going to finish cycle with test and tren E. what should I do for PCT? Run sarms as a bridge between cycles?? Any info greatly appreciated
  6. L

    Advise on Stacking SARMs and Steroids.

    Hi Dylan, First of all, thanks a million for all the information, resources and awesome videos. Keep up the great work. My question is: What combination would you recommend to stack SARMs with steroids for Bulking and Cutting? The idea is to stick at a simple cycle as I'm a beginner. The base...
  7. T

    SARMS testing in the Military

    I was wondering what GW501516, S4, and SR9009 would test positive for if I took a urine test or had to be tested for steroids due to being in the military?
  8. T

    First Cycle Expectations

    Hey, so this is my first time using SARMS and im truely curious as to how well my stack will work and I am looking for a guesstimate as to what results I could have. Im 22 years old, 6 ft. 1, 270 lbs. I will be using S4, GW501516, and SR9009 for an 8 week cycle. Ill be doing a 6:1 workout...
  9. K

    Stacking Peptides with SARMS cycle

    Hello everyone, I am starting my SARMS cycle which includes of: LGD 4033, 10mg/day for 12 wks RAD 140, 20mg/day for the first 4 wks then 30mg/day for the last 12 wks MK 677, 25mg/day for 16 wks upto 12 months MK 2866, 25mg/day for 12 wks S-4, 25mg in the morning then another 25mg 6 hours...
  10. N

    Lgd workout routin

    Hello, I am curious as to if its better to workout muscles split up throughout the week i.e.: one group per day or stick with chest/ tri/shoulders, back/bi, legs. (That second split i will rotate 2 times a week). I am currently running LGD at 10mg in the am for a 12 week cycle. Stats...
  11. Y

    Bulking Cycle Advice

    In the next week I plan on starting my second month of my bulk and I'm trying to gain more quality weight. I am in my mid twenties and have lifted for a while, i have done a few cutting cycles with win and var before, i am 195 lbs , started at 185 a month ago, 6ft tall and about 13% body fat...
  12. M

    Muscle Preservation on a CUT?

    Yo guys, Been on 20mg GW, 10mg LGD and 25mg Osta for 5 weeks for a cut (300 deficit). The main purpose of me using these SARMS together was for muscle/strength preservation and increased fat loss. Acne and gyno popped up soon after starting. On Dylan's recommendation I started Arimidex, which...
  13. C

    S4 only cycle

    How are the results for an s4 only cycle, also would it be good enough for me if I want to drop body fat and build lean muscle ( look cut up)
  14. C

    How long does a bottle of s4 last

    I plan on buying s4 and lgd or ostarine from sarmsx and I plan on doing a 12 week cycle. Would one bottle of each be enough for the 12 weeks or would I have to get more than one?
  15. C

    Stacking S4

    I have a quick question on stacking S4. I want to lose some body fat and still build lean muscle. (Nice cut look) What sarm would stack great with s4 and what would the dosage with s4 and the other sarms be per day. Also im guessing it would be a 12 week cycle and that would mean and short pct...
  16. M

    Minimum SARM doses for a recomp

    Yo, So I've been running GW 20mg, Ostarine 25mg, and LGD 10mg for my Recomp, but because of side effects I can't afford to run the full doses anymore. With diet in check, can I still Recomp effectively If I am only using 20mg GW, 10-15mg Osta, and 5mg LGD? Or are these numbers too low to be...
  17. K

    need help with RAD and OSTA

    I am thinking about getting me some RAD and Osta, But want to raise a few points first.... Since RAD is touted as a TRT alternative, does it still need PCT? Which is better for drying me out on a cut- Osta or RAD?
  18. J

    RAD-140 ---Questions about Running just ONE SARM ----

    For now on I will be sticking to just ONE sarm - RAD-140. Running multiple sarms in the past has caused my acne to worsen significantly - as I am VERY acne prone - and spread out across my whole upper body. Hopefully by sticking to just RAD (and GW of course), I can limit suppression and related...
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