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    S4 only cycle

    How are the results for an s4 only cycle, also would it be good enough for me if I want to drop body fat and build lean muscle ( look cut up)
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    How long does a bottle of s4 last

    I plan on buying s4 and lgd or ostarine from sarmsx and I plan on doing a 12 week cycle. Would one bottle of each be enough for the 12 weeks or would I have to get more than one?
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    Stacking S4

    I have a quick question on stacking S4. I want to lose some body fat and still build lean muscle. (Nice cut look) What sarm would stack great with s4 and what would the dosage with s4 and the other sarms be per day. Also im guessing it would be a 12 week cycle and that would mean and short pct...
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    Minimum SARM doses for a recomp

    Yo, So I've been running GW 20mg, Ostarine 25mg, and LGD 10mg for my Recomp, but because of side effects I can't afford to run the full doses anymore. With diet in check, can I still Recomp effectively If I am only using 20mg GW, 10-15mg Osta, and 5mg LGD? Or are these numbers too low to be...
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    need help with RAD and OSTA

    I am thinking about getting me some RAD and Osta, But want to raise a few points first.... Since RAD is touted as a TRT alternative, does it still need PCT? Which is better for drying me out on a cut- Osta or RAD?
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    RAD-140 ---Questions about Running just ONE SARM ----

    For now on I will be sticking to just ONE sarm - RAD-140. Running multiple sarms in the past has caused my acne to worsen significantly - as I am VERY acne prone - and spread out across my whole upper body. Hopefully by sticking to just RAD (and GW of course), I can limit suppression and related...
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    RAD vs LGD vs Osta --- ANDROGENIC SIDES -----

    Hey dudes, Background I know that the vast majority of people do not experience Androgenic side effects with SARMS, but I most certainly am experiencing pretty severe acne from it. Dylan helped me to confirm that there is always the POSSIBILITY of androgenic sides due to hormonal changes...
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    MK-677 for 22 year old?

    Hey guys, I know people say at my age there isn't much need for extra HGH and all that...thing Is I plan top stop running SARMS as my acne has gotten incredibly bad and I think it MIGHT be contributing, but I still want to run SOMETHING besides GW. So I was planning to switch to MK-677 and...
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    BULK: LGD, RAD + which other SARM?

    whats up guys? Time for my Second cycle. Last one was a cutting stack of GW, S4, Osta with sweet results. This one is gonna be a 12 week bulk from SARMSX. So far I have some juicy LGD (10mg) and RAD (10mg). I can afford to buy 3 months worth of another SARM for some synergy and to help...
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    Can't take this anymore...

    Stats: Male, 65kg/145lb, 28 years old Deadlift 1RM: 150kg / 330lb Bench 1RM: 87.5kg / 193lb Background info: I have been lifting consistently for over a year now and reached these numbers when at my fattest. Started as a skinny fat, super weak nerd. Every time I go on a cut my life almost...
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    Curious - Why doesn't SARMSX offer powdered SARMS?

    Yo, Powdered SARMS would obviously be easier to produce as there is no need for a solvent and all that jazz. So I am curious, why does SARMSX not offer the option for powdered SARMS, which could then be sold at a slightly more affordable price? Surely all that one would need to consume...
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    Interesting method of using STENABOLIC --- Would This Work?

    Yo, So in terms of SARMS, been running SARMSX LGD and GW for 4 weeks for my Recomp at just under maintenance calories. I have a bottle of Stenabolic left which I haven't used yet, as I haven't found the need for it, or the time to consistently dose it. BUT - I have an interested idea about how...
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    Discussion - Steroid Induced Sweating

    Sup guys, sorry for back-to-back thread, wanted to separate the two discussions. I recently began suffering from a bit of Steroid-induced Excessive Sweating. If any of you guys have experience with Steroid Induced Sweating, please help me, and others, out here. Steroid Induced Sweating - My...
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    Not getting vision sides from this normal?

    Hey guys, So I recently bumped up my S4 from SARMSX up to 75-80mg, about 3 days ago, after running 50mg for 14 days. I know it was quite a leap, but I had no sides from 50mg so I thought i'd give it a go. it's a bit early to judge the other effects it's had on me, but I think I can say that my...
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    do you prefer using SARMS for cutting or bulking?

    Hey guys, I am at that point where I do not know whether to lose some fat, or build more muscle. I could make do either way. I have a triple stack, and have been given different recommendations. Some say burn off all your fat before doing anything else. Others say build muscle until you reach...
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    Upping S4 Dose...

    So ive lasted 2 weeks on SARMSX s4 25mg x 2 With only the slightest yellow tint.. is it safe for me to try 25mg x 3 (75mg) now? is S4 the only SARM you can increase beyond the recommended starting dose? Why does it only work with S4? Lastly why is it that you can up the s4 dose but not simply...
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    Most cost efficient Bulking SARM?

    Hey guys, Planning what to buy for next bulk cycle, was wondering GENERALLY SPEAKING what the most cost efficient bulking SARM is if you can only buy ONE 12 weeker. I.E best muscle to price ratio if that makes sense haha, assuming everything is on point of course. RAD is cheaper than LGD but...
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    Calorie Cycling and SARMS

    Due to my constantly changing work hours and access to food, I have unintentionally been following the caloric cycling (zig zag). I am 4 weeks into a GW, Osta and LGD cycle, and switched last week from a deficit of 400 cals to maintenance (2000 calories, slow metabolism) in an attempt to build...