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    Help!!! Need some enlightenment

    I am on week 4 of a product called osta lean by muscle torque. It contains a chemical name called 3b-hydroxy-5a-androst-17-one at 100mg per serving with recommended of 3 serving daily. The product also contains (2s)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-n- 4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl...
  2. M

    Sarms stack with M1 Mk

    Hey guys. I bought an osterine and cardarine stack from esarms that I’m getting ready to start this next month. After a little thinking i also want to run their rad140 with my stack as well. So my question is will I need to take a higher dose of M1Mk if I add the rad140 to the mix? Or will the...
  3. F


    Hi, I need some advice to setup a cycle. I plan on taking endurashred for 45days, 6.5 weeks. Do I need to use a liver care supplement with it? if so which one? Also is a PCT required ?
  4. R

    First Rad 140 cycle (beginner)

    I have recently just started trying Rad 140. This is my first sarm I have ever tried and still very sceptical about them. I have started dosing at 10mg just a few hours before I work out. I already want to start taking 20 - 25 (recommended dose) but I am wondering if I just take all 20mg in the...
  5. P

    Bloodwork/Cycle Questions (NEW MEMBER)

    Hi all, my name is Isaac Age: 21 Height: 6'0 Weight: 83.4kg (183lb) Body fat %: 11% Years of training: 4 years Complete cycle history: None PCT for each cycle: N/A Goals: To be absolutely shredded with lean muscle gains Supplements (if any): WPI, BCAA's, Fish Oil. General idea of nutrition: No...
  6. H

    Sarms for 20 weeks

    Hi, I have a question, I have been taking rad140 20mg, lgd 4033 10mg, mk677 20mg this week, this week I got an offer for races that are in June, so I would like to combine some sarms so I can run a 20 week cycle. Do you think it's going to be done by exchanging substances, or do I have 12, 13...
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    First sarm cycle but have experimented with anabolics before.

    This will be my first sarm cycle but I have experimented with steroids in the past but didn't like the side effects, so gonna give sarms a shot. Age:22 Weight:195 BF: 15% Goal: Lean down / Build lean muscle / Strength Summer is around the corner so decided to start a stack, what do you guys...
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    Where could i buy good mk-2866(EU)

    Hi, i heared theres some places where i could get bad sarms and get some bad unwanted sideaffects and since i dont want that to happen i just wanted to ask where i could buy some legit mk-2866, in the EU if possible
  9. B

    I ran LGD 4033 for 12 weeks at 19 years old. Will I be ok?

    Hey all, It's been 2 months since I finished my 12 week cycle of LGD 4033. I ran 7.5mg capsules (from maxmusclelabs) for 10 weeks and then 15mg for the last 2 weeks. I felt horrible throughout all of the cycle, probably symptoms of low test. Note: I ran 6 weeks of tongkat ali during the cycle...
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    First LGD-4033 cycle recommendations/ critiques

    Hello all, I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to make an account. I have read several stacks that Dylan recommends and my possible cycle is posted below. I have been transitioning from powerlifting to purely strongman over the past few months. I intend to do a 12 week cycle to...
  11. G

    how to keep TEST up on sarms cycle?

    Hi everyone.. Ordered everything I want and need for my goals listed below s23 10mg ED rad140 10mg ED lgd4033 5mg ED exemestane 12.5mg EOD diet is moderate carb high protein low fat to start shedding some pounds Im a former powerlifter but now I just want to become an absolute beast. My bf is...
  12. M

    UK SARMS Source

    Hi Members I'm a AAS user for years. I'm 39 not and decided to move over to SARMS and see why users love it as mochas they do. problem, my source doesn't stock SARMS. any ideas of a good source or Rep for SARMS to the UK? Ive tried the source forums and can't find anything. Thanks
  13. R

    Advice on Bloodwork

    Hi im looking to do a new cycle of Sarms. Haven't had blood done before for a cycle so am wondering: Which tests should I be looking to get? What should I be looking for in the tests? Is before cycle, week 6 and week 13 a good enough interval for each test? Thanks
  14. W

    Beginner cycle help??

    Hi everyone I’ve been going to the gym for a while now, but have always struggled putting on size, I’m considering a sarm cycle for my first time to help put on some lean mass. I’ve been looking at potentially a stacked cycle of mk677 and rad140, or rad140 and LGD however I know both rad140 and...
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    sarms to perform

    Hello, ive been reading the forum for a little while but just decided to write a post, im new to sarms and any kind of peds. i read about sarms in pills and how different brands have been selling pro hormones instead of the real stuff, i live in uk and after doing some research couldnt really...
  16. P

    Mk677 help

    I am on my gaining so i need to eat more but my appetite is not so great so i wanted to take the mk677 for the appetite So should i be taking it eod like 3 days a weel so that i dont get used to it and the hunger goes away ?? Or i should dose it daily ?? And is 10mg enough or 20mg is needed for...
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    I recently ran LGD4033 for a 12 week cycle, but, I didn’t run a pct after. This was about 6-7 months ago and i want to take another cycle of it. should i take a test booster or anything to assure my test is where it is suppose to be before starting another cycle? thank you
  18. J

    SARMS Stack (Cutting) beginner

    I have a couple questions before I decide to try out this stack after reading multiple forums on here. Age:25 Height :5'9 Weight: 225.4 lbs I plan on using MK-2866, S4, and GW 501516 for 8-10 weeks. MK-2866: 25 mg to start and work up if needed S4: 50 mg to start and work up to 75 mg if...
  19. J

    Sarm advice please

    Jacob McCain 28Years old 6ft 220lbs Current 18%bf Taking (started NOV29) rad140 (25mg-am) Mk2866 (25-am) LDG (10-am) Taking as a bulk/strength then PCT and a cutting cycle. I canÂ’t seem to find where to buy the clinic or nova. I know now that I SHOULD have bought that when I got the...
  20. A

    Issues with Clomid

    Hey guys Just finished a 12 week cycle of lean bulk with Rad 140 and Osta. I started my pct regime three days ago and plan to run Clomid 50/25/25/25 and GW 20 mg ED for four weeks as recommended by Dylan. However my third day into this PCT regime has led me to experience severe...