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Need help


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i have just started a cycle with anavar 50mg, ostarine 15mg, gw 501516 10mg, sr9009 20mg. do you think its a bad idea mixing var with sarms would i get a complete shut down after 6 weeks ? I am taking milk thistle once a day and arimadex once evrey 3 days. Also my pct is clomid and nolvadex with a test booster for 4 weeks. Can i take the ostarine with my pct so i don't lose any gains. I had done a sarms cycle last year and i dropped from 230 to 180 in 3 months plus kept a good amount of size bench press was 245lbs, deadlift 325lbs, and squat 225. I have always had a hard time keeping the weight off so now i am back at 220 and want to be at 170 what should i do this time around?