Anyone heard or used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms?

do not use that product... i have heard several bad things from people that have come to me about them... DO NOT BUY SHIT FROM PEOPLE THAT HAVE SHIT ADVERTISED ON INSTAGRAM... for fucks sake man... use your head...
They don't sell any stuff on instagram as far as I know. I was just saying they have an instagram platform, along with Facebook page. I would assume all there sales come from their website. Are you able to elaborate more about them? Is that 3rd party they use a scam as well? I googled earth that place and it looks a bit suspicious. So esarms is the only way to go?
Elaborate more? Telling you not to use them isn't enough information? Dylan is very busy bro helping others and you've been told not to use them. I recommend you use ESARMS. We've had many members here use their products including myself and we're very happy with the results.
Appreciate it man. Yeah I respect Dylan a lot. I know he is a wealth of information. I was just asking for more information about them. Other than esarms is there anyone else you would recommend? Seems like a bit of a monopoly. Surely, there must be more than one reputable supplier? And FYI I am in Australia, so it's not as easy getting sarms from esarms as they ship to the the US & Canada. I guess I could get my friend in the US to forward them to me :)
Don't think of it as a monopoly. ESARMS wanted to be our sponsor we tested their products and we vouch for them. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. You came here asking for advice and we're telling you who to go with. What you do with that advice is up to you.
I appreciate your advice. I have followed Dylan for a long time, and I know how knowledgeable he is. All I was asking was for some more information about why Bodybuilt Labs was no good. I am not planning on using their products, but as this is a forum, I always think it's good to have some open dialogue on why some sarms companies are no good. Anyhow, thanks for your replies and advice :)
ive had far too many complaints about them when it comes to people having side effects that would never be sarms related man, indicating they are more than likely prohormones.. .as far as third party testing, those are easily faked... i could make you a third party certificate in 10 minutes or less man... i honestly get far more worried about the places that say they have it because its just a joke...
I ran a log on ESARMS products here before they released their full line. Great results and I will be running them again...
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