1. J

    PCT for Ostarine?

    Just received Ostarine + Cardarine from Umbrella. Blown away -- great prices, easy checkout, free shipping, amazing packaging/branding, responsive customer service, etc etc. This co really goes above/beyond. Have also purchased peptides & SARMs from -- also a great exp -- but...
  2. J

    stack question for d2 swimmer

    I'm D2 swimmer in college and as of now completely natural, been to/finaled at ncaa nats in sprint events, I specialize in 50 free and sprinting all 4 strokes so 100m is the absolute most I race. I've done most everything I can to get to elite level of the sport naturally. i'm making the...
  3. HotSportsTake

    First Time Cardarine (15mg) Cycle Question - 1x or 2x a Day?

    Hello fitness freaks (and freakettes)! I am doing my first cycle of Cardarine, 15mg. I am doing this to cut down on BF% for Summer, and not lose lean muscle. Last year I did my first SARM cycle; which was Osterline, but I am new to this SARM. I am a week into it and a tad confused. The "pros"...
  4. T


    Hey Dylan, I hope you?re doing well, I know there is a lot of bunk gw501516 in the market. I trust you know where I can purchase some? If so, do they accept PayPal? Very respectfully,
  5. J

    Can I take penicillin on my Cardarine cycle.

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well. I was on an antibiotic course for 10 days( for tonsils infection) but only did 8 days of my course as I felt perfectly fine. A week later I started my cardarine cycle and now I am on day 5 of it and my throat feels a bit weird now( same tonsils infection...
  6. M

    MK667/GW Cycle

    Just looking for some opinions here. Stats 29yrs, 190lbs 5'8" 11% bf played college football, workout daily, have ran 3 sarms cycles in the past. Blood work is good. I have bought some MK677(Nutrobal) and Some Gw/Caradrine from a forum approved reputable source. I have ran Ostarine and...
  7. B

    Rad + lgd and maybe ostarine ?

    Hey everyone I am an experienced sarms user, I've done rad and lgd separately a couple of time and I am currently looking to gain lean mass. I will soon be taking 10mg of rad and 10mg of lgd per day for 2 months. After that I am planning a pct with clomids and also cardarine to shred. By...
  8. G

    Lgd/s4/cardarine cycle

    Hello everybody so Ive already been dosing 10mg lgd+50mg s4+20mg cardarine for 2 weeks, ive been thinking on going up on s4 to 60 or 70mg, but my question is for how long can I run s4? Im gonna stop lgd at 8 weeks. Thanks
  9. W

    Anyone heard or used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms?

    Has anyone used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms? They have a extensive product range, have a instagram account, and have a reasonable review on here: They also use Colmaric Analyticals as their 3rd party testers of their products...
  10. A

    Esarms Cardarine and Stenabolic log

    So I've heard all the rave about how top notch Esarms cardarine is so i decided to do a cutting stack from them with stenabolic. A little about me, I am completely new to both of these products and I chose them to help me lose weight and get motivated in the gym. I'm 25, 6ft 1inch tall, and...
  11. H

    is it okay to stay on cardarine year round?

    hey guys, so cardarine is NOT a sarm, and it is NOT suppressive at all. then, is it okay to run cardarine (lets say 20mg/day) all the time?
  12. L

    Help!!! Need some enlightenment

    I am on week 4 of a product called osta lean by muscle torque. It contains a chemical name called 3b-hydroxy-5a-androst-17-one at 100mg per serving with recommended of 3 serving daily. The product also contains (2s)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-n- 4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl...
  13. F


    Hi, I need some advice to setup a cycle. I plan on taking endurashred for 45days, 6.5 weeks. Do I need to use a liver care supplement with it? if so which one? Also is a PCT required ?
  14. K

    Cardarine (GW-501516) dosage

    Hello, I would like your opinion when is the best time to take Cardarine. I started to take it 2 days ago. I read that it was ideal to take it before training. So, since 2 days I take my dose around 3:00 PM, but I do not always train at the same time. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. So, I...
  15. S

    Cardarine for fatloss

    Hey guys. I am about to start cardarine for fatloss is there anything I should know before starting like some people are saying it causes cancer some are saying use s23. Anyone who used cardarine how effective it was for fatloss or should I use s23?
  16. L

    Cardarine forehead pimples

    Hi guys! A month ago i tried for my first time cardarine for two weeks. About one and a half week ago appeared a lot of small pimples on my forehead that doesn't seem to go away. What do you guys think is it because of the cardarine?
  17. A

    Need some advice. 21 female looking to the right stack to shred fat

    I am 21 yr old female, 5'4" tall and currently weigh 130lbs with 17.5% body fat. I want to get back down to around 110 lbs with about 13% body fat which is where i was at this past July. Many people have been telling me to incorporate Ostarine into my stack but I am nervous that it will cause...
  18. G

    New to SARMs. Female, wanting to lean out.

    Hey all, Ive been interested in SARMs for about a year now and haven't really done anything with this interest. I have a few male friends who are currently using to bulk up. All im wanting to do is shed a few kgs, lean up and get stronger. Some background knowledge: im 22, female, 6"1 and...
  19. W

    MK677 / Cardarine 4 and 5 week cycles - Worthwhile?

    Hi folks, brand new poster here. Never used any Sarms or Steroids before so popping my cherry! I’ve just received a stack of MK677 / GW and starting tomorrow. The reason I’ve gone for these compounds is the appeal of not needing any PCT. I work on an offshore oil platform so getting medication...
  20. F

    Cardarine GW

    Hi sorry if this is a silly question. Just took my first dosage of cardarine liquid (1ml) and it was warm/hot when I squirted in my mouth, is this normal?? Thanks