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  1. Blue_Shine

    Study: GW-501516 may help you get over your BINGES?

    The major hormonal problem with cheat meals getting out of hand Most tend to believe that the primary problem with cheat meals is that you intake excess calories. As this may definitely be true, the real issue with cheat meals, is that they can actually cause a transient shift of your hormonal...
  2. G

    New Female Asking for some info on Cardarine and Ostarine First

    Hi there, new here. I will answer the basics to give an idea as to what I'm asking for help and info apologies, some detail here but thought it might help. Female Age:39 Height: 5’4” Weight: between 149-153lbs BF: Not sure at the moment. Based on visual estimates and one previous time...
  3. imimukhi

    Sarm stack

    Hi Guys, A noob brother here needing some advice please. I'm going to run the following stack Ostarine Cardarine S4 LGD at Ostarine - 25mg/day Cardarine - 20mg/day S4 -50mg/day LGD - 10mg/day Just want to know if i take them all in one go or do i stagger taking them, like Ostarine at 7am...
  4. P

    I would like to start taking GW-501516

    -Sex: Male -Age:24 -Height:5.74 -Weight: 172 pounds -Body fat: 10% - 13% -Years of training: Did some martial arts and weightlifting, but not constantly, i don't train since 2 years ago. -Complete cycle history: none. -Goals: MMA - Cardio -Supplements:5-htp, vit-c, multivitamin, supervitamin b...
  5. E

    Bought cardarine might be dame

    Bought cardarine might be fake Hey guys so in 22 yo 5'8 ( im a manlet) and weighing 183lbs with 16% bodyfat and i bought cardarine to aid in my fat loss ( my diet and macros are all in check just didnt wanna lose too much muscle) i bought my cardarine from a local supplement store called evas...
  6. J

    Fake cardarine

    I bought and ran a 1 month supply of ''cardarine'' from hardcore formulations which was promoted as the same compound as primevil super cardarine. I did some research and came to find out capsulized cardarine is most likely fake. I'm running a prohormone cycle right now and have a pct ready for...
  7. J


    When cycling cardarine I know you can run it up to 16 weeks but do those weeks have to be consecutive or can you take a few days break in between thanks
  8. F


    Is one week off Cardarine sufficient enough to not desensitize ? I read everywhere it's 2-3 weeks but just wondering if anybody has any experience with just 1 week off?
  9. G

    cardarine and other fat loss supplements

    hey guys i m 1.72 height and i weight 80 kilos i was weighting 92 before 2 months and i m 22 years old..i ve ordered cardarine i have a proper diet and use fish oil leucine and taurine as supplements..i want to know how to use cardarine best and what else could i use to help me lose my belly...
  10. S

    Basic Endurance Athlete Stack

    I am a middle age competitive cyclist, training about 10-15 hours a week, and I started using the following stack Cardarine 20mg split dose 5:30AM/5PM (capsule) Ostarine 12.5mg 5:30AM (liquid) Nutrobol 12.5mg 5:30AM (liquid) I have been trying this for about a three weeks, and I think I am...
  11. J

    Quick question regarding cardarine

    Kinda a dumb post but I was just wondering if Somebody can explain to me how the fat loss from Cardarine works? Like does it work by itself or does the fat loss come from all the more cardio that you would be doing due to having more endurance. I've watched Dylan Gemelis vids but can't seem to...
  12. J


    Is it fine to just take Cardarine by itself? Jusy looking for the fat loss benefits mainly, trying to cut down Thanks guys