Study: GW-501516 may help you get over your BINGES?


The major hormonal problem with cheat meals getting out of hand
Most tend to believe that the primary problem with cheat meals is that you intake excess calories. As this may definitely be true, the real issue with cheat meals, is that they can actually cause a transient shift of your hormonal state - causing insulin resistance due to fructose overload[SUB](1)[/SUB].
"Insulin resistance" is a state in which the the liver, burdened by excess fructose taken over a short period of time - causes a systemic state by which insulin receptors become less effective. Those receptors that are responsible for the shuttling of nutrients to muscle and fat tissue are dysfunctional, causing a problem with normalizing your blood sugar level. This can cause the inability of muscle glycogen to replenish, excess conversion of glucose to fat and its deposition in fatty tissue.
In an insulin resistant state, one can consume 1000 calories with sugar, and be hungry soon after, or wake up very hungry the day after; That's why you may become lethargic after a cheat meal gone crazy, and have less drive and less desire to workout - that's insulin resistance induced in your brain tissue.

Enter GW-501516
An interesting study that has completed undergoing peer review, and was introduced into the Journal of Biochemia et Biophysica Acta[SUB](2)[/SUB], is indicating that possibly, if GW-501516 is supplemented in your diet, it may in effect block the so called Fructose induced insulin resistance. Meaning, that an athlete supplementing with GW-501516 may significantly be less exposed to cheat meals causing insulin resistance, since GW-501516 actually may block the liver from causing this state, keeping insulin receptors sensitized throughout all the tissues in his body.
This has also shown to slow down the uptake of nutrients into fat cells following an insulin resistant state due to Fructose (This would likely not work if you take GW-501516 after a cheat meal, but if you have been taking it consistently and are "experiencing" a cheat meal)

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionalist. This is not a dietary recommendation. Ultimately the user bears the responsibility to be well informed regarding proper dosing and supplementing protocols when using GW-50156. This author feels that there is no substitution to advice dispensed by experienced athletes when supplementing with GW-50156 and other SARMs.

Thank you for reading.

(1)Fructose, insulin resistance, and metabolic dyslipidemia; Heather Basciano, Lisa Federico, Khosrow Adeli; London journal of Nutritional Metabolism (2005)
(2)PPARβ/δ ameliorates fructose-induced insulin resistance in adipocytes by preventing Nrf2 activation; Barroso, Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Chacón, Maymó-Masip, Ferrer, Salvadó, Salmerón, Wabistch, Palomer, Vendrell, Wahli, Vázquez-Carrera; Biochemia et Biophysica Acta (2015)
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now this is some serious info and of EXTREME benefit because this is a HUGE problem for so many out there... countless people struggle with this... THANK YOU again for this extremely pertinent and beneficial information... it is truly priceless and GREATLY appreciated...
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