Mountain run in 15 weeks. When should i start the 10 week cycle?


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I've signed up for a mountain run in 15 weeks. 11km long, 1500m up.

I recently bought some S4 and GW, enough for 10 weeks at 50mg s4 ed and 20mg GW ed. My plan was to use this for cutting, but since this suddenly came up I've decided to time it around the run instead. I Will also be using the ECA I have left over from last years cut.

I'm going to be doing a PCT with Nolva for 40/40/20/20 after some research.

When is the correct time to start this cycle? Should i time it so that the run is at the start of the cycle, middle, end of the cycle, or after the PCT?

I've been lifting for 3 years, never ever concentrated on running or anything like that.

Stats: 6'1, 220 lbs, bodyfat 16-17% ish
Lifts: bench: 310, squat: 350, dead: 400, press 150

Any and all feedback will be appreciated!
Where is your sarms from bud?

I would time it so the race is at the end of your cycle or close to it. You are also fine to run GW up to 16 weeks

Your pct should be this

Clomid 50/25/25/25
GW 20mg per day
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