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  1. J

    Sarms Triple Stack vs Test Anavar Primo and triple stack for high BF

    I am currently 33 years old 6 foot 4 inches 280 lbs 25% bodyfat on my bodyfat meter Omicron I want to build lean muscle and cut up, I am not sure I want to lose weight because when I lose weight I lose potential strength gains, my diet is very clean, I only eat lean proteins like chicken, lean...
  2. JohnnyBukkake69

    Possible 3rd Cycle...

    Hello Everyone! Probably should have posted on here for my first cycle but better late than never! I am looking at shredding down. Currently 170lbs and 20% Bodyfat. I am a fitness coach of 5 years and pursuing my master's in Strength and Conditioning so I feel like I have the "basics" down as...
  3. A

    Dylan/everyone what do you think of this cycle?

    I am: 38 yrs old Currently 210 BF % is about 15% This will be my 5th cycle My goal is to cut, while of course adding on lean muscle and strength T-Bol: 50mg (1-4 wks) (I normally use D-bol so I wanted to try something different that has less side effects) Test C: 350mg (1-16 wks) Tren E: 350mg...
  4. T

    2nd cycle

    Hey all. A little background so far on me: I have run 2 sarms cycles and 1 steroid cycle. Sarms was ldg and mk677 and then lgd and cardarine. Steroids was a simple 12 week 500mg of Test E a week. I am sitting at 222 lbs at 6 feet tall and somewhere around 17-22% bodyfat. I want to cut and get...
  5. F

    It’s time to shred (critique my sarms plan)

    Hi, My story: I’m 46, 5’11, 214. 2 years ago I started my journey at 262 and 34% bf. I got down to 186 and 13% bf. I started my first bulk 6 months ago using LGD and Ostarine. I’m very pleased. My bench is up 50 pounds and I’ve kept my gains through pct. So I’m ready to shred and welcome your...
  6. T

    To SARM stack or not to stack?

    Hey guys. I'm already pretty lean. Under 10%. Would you reccomend a stack to drop the last few % or would a single SARM like GW work?
  7. B

    Best Cutting cycle for Beginner

    Age - 26 years Training Experience - 10 years (all natural) Gained good amount of size and I am now planning to cut while retaining maximum amount of muscle... Tried cutting naturally many times but always end up losing significant amount of muscle and lack of energy in the gym just adds to the...
  8. J

    NPP vs Deca

    I am gonna start a cycle in about a month and I wanna know what are the main differences between the two. I have tried NPP before, but I don't like the fact that you have to pin every two days and with deca that is not the case. Is water retention worse with deca that with NPP? My goal is a very...
  9. J

    Protein intake on SARMS

    Whats up guys, Working out what my protein intake should be for my SARMS cutting cycle (GW+OSTA+S4). Currently weighing in at 83kg/183 pounds. Got some questions below: 1. What is the minimum amount of protein generally required to preserve muscle mass on a calorie deficit? (I struggle with...
  10. J

    What is better for fat loss - Testosterone or SARMS?

    Hey guys, For a bulking cycle, steroids are obviously the more effective choice than SARMS - but for a cutting cycle, how would they stack up against one another? Let's take Testosterone (300mg p/week) vs a SARMS triple stack (Cardarine+S4+Osta) as an example. How would they compare in the...
  11. J

    Need to pick ONE sarm for my cycle - which one fits best?

    Hey guys, So my initial plan was to run Cardarine, S4 and Osta for my Cut/Recomp 12 week cycle. Managed to get the Cardarine from SARMSx, but now I can only afford to buy ONE more SARMx product to add to my Cut/Recomp cycle, which should it be? To give some context, I have listed my goals...
  12. J

    Need a 6 day training break mid-cycle, continue taking SARMS?

    Hey guys, So I did my last workout yesterday. Due to an operation I have to take the next 6 days off of training. I started my SARMS cycle 5 days ago (S4, SR, Osta, GW) and its a cut cycle. Got a few questions regarding my situation: 1. Should I just continue taking my SARMS over the next 6...
  13. J

    beginner needs help

    Wanting to begin my first cycle. male 50yo 6'0" 190# training....inconsistant 24% body fat looking to cut, more energy, not looking for anything unrealistic. Looking for a headstart. I am pretty sure I want to dip my toe in the water. I know I am going to get bombed here.
  14. W

    Mountain run in 15 weeks. When should i start the 10 week cycle?

    Hi. I've signed up for a mountain run in 15 weeks. 11km long, 1500m up. I recently bought some S4 and GW, enough for 10 weeks at 50mg s4 ed and 20mg GW ed. My plan was to use this for cutting, but since this suddenly came up I've decided to time it around the run instead. I Will also be using...
  15. B

    First time user

    So, I'v decided to take Sarms to cut down. I'v never took any type type steroid or Sarm before and i'v got a couple of questions. 1) if i take a cycle of ostarine to reach my goal, do i need to continue to use and go on cycles or can i just go back to being natty? 2) How long should i run...
  16. G

    LEAN BULk and extreme cutting cycle

    Hello guys what do you think of a cycle that does bulking and cutting at once in 2 phases Week 1 2 3 30mg of dianabol every day, 200mg of decadurabolin, 152mg of tren hex and 250mg of test enanthate per week. Week 4 5 500mg of test enanthate, 200mg of decadurabolin and 152mg of hex train per...
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