I am gonna start a cycle in about a month and I wanna know what are the main differences between the two. I have tried NPP before, but I don't like the fact that you have to pin every two days and with deca that is not the case. Is water retention worse with deca that with NPP? My goal is a very modest gain of about five pounds of muscle, so I think NPP would give me a better look than Deca. I wanna hear from somebody who has tried both to know how they feel about this.
Is there a different in the amount of muscle that you can gain?

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You shouldn't bloat on either one if you know what you're doing with controlling water, estrogen, diet, etc.

Deca is dry as fuck for me. I'm on it right now with test and EQ and I have veins running up my abs. Anybody that says Deca causes water retention is just parroting broscience

The only difference between Deca and NPP is the Ester. It's just like people using test p instead of test C because of "water retention".....Bs broscience
sorry rick...dont mean to be a hard ass

I just cant stand seeing bad info presented as fact
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