1. C

    Test, Deca, and EQ Cycle Feedback

    6 ft 3 in 222 lbs 12% BF 35 years old 4 previous cycles This cycle: Test Cyp, 400 mg/wk (wk1-16) EQ, 600 mg/wk (wk1-16) Deca, 500 mg/wk (wk1-14) Tbol, 50mg/day (wk1-6) Cabergolin, .25 mg/e3d (wk1-16) Aromasin , 12.5 mg/eod (wk1-16) PCT: Return to TRT...
  2. OSGear

    Choose your favorite Deca brand on OSGear

    Checkout all the DECA brands on OSGear! Ultima-Deca - Ultima Pharmaceuticals LINK => Nandrobolin 250 Amp - Alpha Pharma LINK => Nandrolone Decanoate - BM...
  3. P

    Cycle Help

    I have done one steroid cycle in the past which was Sustanon 250 dosed at 300mg for weeks 1-5 and weeks 6-12 I increased the dosed to 500mg. I was pinning every Sunday and completed a full PCT. I am wanting to do another cycle while eating 4,500 clean calories, one cheat meal a week, intense...
  4. K

    How to take Post CT without desensitization?

    Hello, I will be starting a new cycle of Test and Deca in a few months and I had a quick question. What is the best way to take Post CT throughout my cycle. I understand that Post CT can be used as a replacement for HCG so my plan was using it all the way through my 14 week cycle to stop as much...
  5. B

    Amounts of deca/test for best results

    I recently lost alot of my weight because of some health issues i had at the beginning of last year. Im fine now but I would like get back to where i was(weight) and maybe gain a little more. I had to stop going to gym for awhile but I started back about 3 months ago. I got some cyp/deca ordered...
  6. R

    Prami Insomnia

    Ive been running prami .25 mg EOD for the past 4 weeks as i was running deca 250 mg and test 375 mg/week, by the 2nd week i started getting insane insomnia,but weirdly only on days i trained. So i increased my cardio to 35 mins on weight training days and 25 on non training days steady state...
  7. R

    Insomnia on training days!

    Hello,so ive been runnin 250 mg deca with 375 mg test e for the last 5 weeks.I Initially had Dbol 40 mg but as i started getting sleeping issues i stopped with the Dbol thinking its the excess water retention causing high BP. It's been 2-3 weeks now and i simply cannot sleep on the days i...
  8. L

    Second Deca Cycle

    1-4: Tbol 60 mg ED 1-15: Deca 350mg Week (5250) 1-16: Test 450 mg Week 2-16: caber .5mg EOD 13-16: HCG: 1000iu /week PCT: Clomid 100,100, 50, 50 Nolva 40/20/20/20 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD 1 week of Caber @.5mg EOD Stats: 5'11 210lbs, ~9% bf, I've been off for ~6 months, looking to put on quality...
  9. N

    can i mix SARMS with steroid cycle

    Hello guys please answer me just if you know the answer because there are lots of confusion out there and i want to do it right this time Little about me 33yo Male i used bulking cycles before never was able to keep the weight though maybe i wasn't using the right pct my last cycle was like...
  10. M

    Deca + Viagra

    I'm on 400mg deca + 200mg cyp / week (currently week 9) Last night a girl came over, so I took a Viagra, worrying I might not be able to get it up because of deca. The Viagra sure did its job, but will there be any internal problems from combining those 2 substances? Deca suppresses, while...
  11. M

    Deca week 6..

    Starting the 1st pin for week 6 tomorrow *veins popping out of nowhere gradually. Never had vasularity on my quads EVER. Now while repping out leg extension I'm seeing veins everywhere. * I'm too early im the cycle to give extensive feedback, but I might have to say in the end that deca is my...
  12. S

    Test & Deca cycle

    Hello, I am looking to run a cycle like this coming up Week 1-12 Test E 600mg (Monday Thursday inj) Week 1-10 OR 1-12 Deca 400mg (Monday Thursday inj) Week 1-12 caber .25mg (Monday Thursday with inj) Week 3-12 HCG 250IU 2x a week subQ (Monday Thursday) Weeks 1-12 Exemenstane 12.5mg EOD PRE PCT...
  13. M

    Week 5 Deca check in

    Starting week 5 tomorrow morning. Thus far: *Recovery times have improved greatly. Im resting only 10 or 15 sec between sets, then I'm ready. Usually I rest 1 or 2 minutes between sets.. Amazing. *I feel a bit more powerful as well. *Size: im not much bigger, aside from the food I've been...
  14. M

    Deca 300 kicking hard

    It is now week 3 and the deca is great. Strength kicking in, veins popping out of nowhere, and feeling a bit more hard (diet on point of course) *Pharma Lady brining the heat once again. Trusted source~
  15. M

    Deca diet..

    Please dont crush me for asking this. It's an honest question guys, lol.. Should go over on my calories if on deca? I Calcuated a surplus diet using my fitness pal, so I'm at 3000cal now. But so many people online say to eat even more than youre supposed to when on deca. So Should I stick...
  16. M

    Deca dura 300?

    Anyone tried deca dura 300 from pharmalady? Any feedback? Thanks!
  17. M

    Test deca ratio

    Anyone here ever ran test lower than deca and had no problems? I really want deca to shine, but the majority tend to run test higher to fight shutdown.. Anyone ever ran low test (200mg/week) with deca at 400mg/week, and with no problems? Thanks
  18. Mark Diesel

    Holding a lot of water on deca, question.

    First time running deca. I knew I had to keep my diet more in check with it, and I am. My estrogen and prolactin are completely in check. I’m holding A LOT of water, it’s quite messy. Though, I LOVE the way I feel on it. I am a powerlifter, but I also like to look a little better than a water...
  19. L

    Third Cycle Review - About to start Test & Deca with SARMS

    Hey, I'm about to start my third cycle and wanted to get your eyes on it. I'm 205 at 10% bodyfat and looking to climb to 220 at about 12% bodyfat in the next 12 weeks... Here's my protocol: Testosterone Cypionate - 400mg/week Nandrolone Deconate - 325mg/week Aromasin - 12.5mg EOD...
  20. Mark Diesel

    Prolactin related question regarding nandrolones

    Will one nandrolone have a more significant effect on prolactin, between deca and trenbolone? I seem to have more issues with tren than I do with deca, and I was wondering if it was just me. Thanks