1. L

    I like sex...

    Hope I got people's attention haha... I need some advice. I'm currently on my PCT - my first cycle was just Test for 12 weeks. I lost a lot of fat, gain some noticeable muscle mass and definition so I'm very happy with the results. I worked my ass off though in the gym and with a clean diet...
  2. M

    NPP appetite!

    Man I'm getting hungry as hell out of nowhere on week 4 of npp. Dude I'm like a jet burning through fuel. I hope this doesnt get worse next week and so on. Npp is intense
  3. Chgo1962

    DECA/TEST or there's a better but safe choice?

    I am a hard gainer, I want to take some steroids to help to bulk up but I've been a bit resistant with some advice since I don't want to do anything that could compromise my health. Your videos helped me to decline Dbol, I had a month of Tbol (plus test) with some results but, my enzymes went...
  4. E

    Test/Deca blast coming up. Questions regarding Prolacting and Caber

    Hey guys, been on TRT for a few years now and a few months ago I increased the dose from 125mg/week to 600/week for 10 weeks as a first blast. great results. I've waited some time and want to try Test/Deca 500/300 respectively per week for 15 weeks. I will have cabergoline on hand. What is...
  5. P

    Do I need preventative PCT?

    First post here. Saw the youtube series and was impressed with the emphasis on clean gains and wanted to follow up. According to the sticky I need to post some vitals on my first post so I'm doing so here. I'm going to throw everything in so if it gets long, I apologize. Age: 47 Ht: 5'8" Wt...
  6. M

    Deca Gains

    Just started week 3 of deca and already seeing changes.. But after 12 weeks of tren I barely noticed anything. My shoulders got a tad bit larger and I was sweating all day. Those were my results.. lol. How am I responding so well to deca, but very little response from the king?
  7. T

    Dostinex sides

    Hey people, Started my long awaited Test and Deca (350mg per week) cycle 1.5 week ago. Including 0.5mg Dostinex every 3 days of course. Could just be a bug or something else... but I have been nauseous when I smell food for the last 2 days. (Which means it gets very hard to eat...) Could this...
  8. M

    Deca or test higher..

    Im going to run deca for the 1st time soon. An online site recommended 500mg/week test and 400mg/week deca.. is it safe to be running test higher than deca or should it be the other way around..
  9. A

    Bulking-cutting cycle pls advice

    Hello all, Im planning to begin my 2nd cycle for bulking and cutting. I'm hoping to get some advice and suggestions from all of you. I'm 33yrs old currently 6 foot,weighing 200+ pounds with 15% body fat and have been working out for 6+ years. This is what I was thinking of: 1. Deca -...
  10. M

    How many Deca vials for 1 cycle

    Hi. I plan to do 500mg test + 400mg deca/week. This sound good? How many vials of deca should I get for 1 cycle? Don't worry about the test. Thanks
  11. T

    Bloods All Over The Place - Suggestions?

    Brief history - found a tumor in my pituitary gland, and was prescribed HRT almost 12 months ago, namely HGH and TRT. I've also had several spinal surgeries and some nagging pains, so decided to try out a therapeutic Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) dose recently. My protocol for the past 6...
  12. T

    DecaMax 350mg LA-Pharma...Legit???

    I've done a fair amount of research on Deca over the past 2 months, but never came across "DecaMax 350" until just now surfing a source. Searched this forum, no sign of it. It sounds fantastic, like Sustanon, but for Deca - so you don't need to pin as often as NPP. Plus, it's stronger than the...
  13. B

    Second Cycle layout, Test+Deca

    Greetings to everyone. I'm at the start of my 2nd cycle and wanted to see your thoughts, along with one or two questions. My stats: Age: 34 in a few months Height: 1.90cm Weight: 100-101kg Body fat %: around 14 Years of training: been training since 24 years old, with some gap. 2,5-3 years...
  14. J

    NPP vs Deca

    I am gonna start a cycle in about a month and I wanna know what are the main differences between the two. I have tried NPP before, but I don't like the fact that you have to pin every two days and with deca that is not the case. Is water retention worse with deca that with NPP? My goal is a very...
  15. M

    Test dbol deca 2nd cycle

    G'day everyone been lurking for a while big fan of Dylan Gemelli. Planning to run my second cycle test dbol deca I'm looking for some more info on how to run the cycle properly and safely. First cycle was test 500 mg week and dbol 30 mg for 4 weeks, didn't take any AI and got big like a balloon...
  16. Y

    Bulking Cycle Advice

    In the next week I plan on starting my second month of my bulk and I'm trying to gain more quality weight. I am in my mid twenties and have lifted for a while, i have done a few cutting cycles with win and var before, i am 195 lbs , started at 185 a month ago, 6ft tall and about 13% body fat...
  17. N

    Advanced aas/sarms cycle advice - primo primo primo!!!

    Good Morning Dylan, Rick, and the whole crew! Currently planning my next advanced AAS cycle. And after running a few very successful AAS and SARMS cycles that you kindly helped me with I am planning my next AAS cycle stacking some compounds together for the first time based on some of your...
  18. L

    Second Cycle Options

    I find myself posting and reading more and more while watching more videos/reading other's forum posts! I'm so glad I made the choice to not just be a silent observer and actually create an account! Okay, so to the point. I have two separate proposed second cycles for myself. I ran 500 mg test...
  19. R

    Bulking Cycle

    What do you guys think of this bulking cycle I'm thinking of running. It will be my 3rd cycle. I'm 175 pounds right now 4 weeks out from a mens physique show and 5% BF. That will go up after the contest obviously, but the goal is to put on quality size for a national show. Okay here it is...
  20. J

    Proper Cycle Instructions (step by step)

    Hello Dylan Gemelli & everyone! Huge fan I admire what you do for this community and the knowledge you share with all of us. I wanted to reach out for some assistance on my cycle. I would like to know the breakdown process from the first step to the last step to make sure I do my cycle...