Third Cycle Review - About to start Test & Deca with SARMS


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I'm about to start my third cycle and wanted to get your eyes on it.

I'm 205 at 10% bodyfat and looking to climb to 220 at about 12% bodyfat in the next 12 weeks...

Here's my protocol:

Testosterone Cypionate - 400mg/week
Nandrolone Deconate - 325mg/week

Aromasin - 12.5mg EOD
Cabergoline - .5mg E3D

Hcg - 500iu E3D

LGD - 10mg every morning
S4 - 25 mg morning and 25 mg evening
OSTA - 25mg every morning
GW - 20 mg dosed 30 mins before workout

Everything is run throughout the 12 weeks.

I'm on TRT so just cruising 150mg test with aromasin 12.5 E3D afterwards.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
What is your cycle experience? 25 and already on TRT? Are you doctor prescribed?
First cycle was at 22 and I did 350mg of test with arimidex for 8 weeks.

Second cycle was at 24 and I did 400mg of test with 600mg of masteron for 12 weeks.

I am doctor prescribed for 150mg/week.

I started TRT after testing below 350ng from age 17-21 with repeated blood tests.

I've got a sleep disorder and autoimmune issues that effect my natural T production.
everything looks fine to me... the only thing i would change is keeping the test and deca dose even, 350/350 would be ideal...
Thanks for the clarification bro. I think your cycle setup looks good to me on doses and everything
Thanks Dylan.

You think 400/400 is too much?

I've got it in my mind that I need a little more test because I'm on trt.

Any truth to this or do I have the wrong info.
you need to erase that from your mind... i have no clue where you are even coming up with that but thats about as false as can be... you can run 400/400 but thats not necessary whatsoever
Started feeling like SHIT 4 days in and realized I took 5mg of caber instead of .5mg.

My tablets are 20mg and that seems to be all I can find.

I found liquid caber but I read that it's unstable in liquid form.

Can I split my pills into eights and take 2.5 once a week?
What? Theres no fucking way you have 20 mg tabs of caber bro... not even close... no way loll do u know how expensive that is just for one of those if they were ever even made that way which wouldnt even make sense... the most ive ever seen is a ONE mg pill

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