can i mix SARMS with steroid cycle


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Hello guys
please answer me just if you know the answer because there are lots of confusion out there and i want to do it right this time

Little about me
33yo Male i used bulking cycles before never was able to keep the weight though maybe i wasn't using the right pct
my last cycle was like a year a and half ago it was Test Enth + equipoise couldn't finish it though because the sweat that i was getting from the equipoise was excessive eventually got sick also i've used tren enth before etc .. so just want to point here that i tried lots of stuff before.

now i want to back again so i have this cycle
500 Test enth + 400 Deca ... a week for 12 weeks
40 gm Dianabol for 4 weeks

I want to add SARMs to that if possible!!
if i can do that what SARMS are the best to add for bulking cycle ?? and do they go parallel with the cycle when i start it ??
also i would appreciate any tips/comments about PCT or the cycle above

please and please and please reply if you have experience about cycles and using them.
thank you in advance and happy holidays.


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You can defi utemy add sarms to an aas cycle to enhance it. First of all we need your full stats


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yes, if the most keepable is what you are after then this is pretty much the polar opposite of what you want...

I didn't understand what you mean sir !! also would you please suggest for me the best Isarms that should go well with my cycle ? and if you know a legit place them to get them please
thank you


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your body fat is too high to be using steroids bro.. sarms would be fine but your body fat is already too high, then you want to use something dbol, which is just the worst idea possible... you need to be in better condition for steroid use