How to take Post CT without desensitization?


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Hello, I will be starting a new cycle of Test and Deca in a few months and I had a quick question. What is the best way to take Post CT throughout my cycle. I understand that Post CT can be used as a replacement for HCG so my plan was using it all the way through my 14 week cycle to stop as much testicular atrophy as possible, stop for 3 weeks while the deca and test get out of my system and then do another 4 weeks of Post CT while on my PCT. Will this regimen desensitize the CT and actually work? Or is there a better way to take it to maximize results?

Also one more question. What do you think of taking HCG and Post CT together. I know you aren’t the biggest fan of HCG, but I was wondering if that is even possible for a goal to cover all angles. Just curious. Thanks.
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that is not anything you have to worry about whatsoever...

you can use hcg if you want with it, thats up to you...
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