Amounts of deca/test for best results


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I recently lost alot of my weight because of some health issues i had at the beginning of last year. Im fine now but I would like get back to where i was(weight) and maybe gain a little more. I had to stop going to gym for awhile but I started back about 3 months ago. I got some cyp/deca ordered from robo and it should be here by the weekend.
Age: 43
Height: 5'10
Weight: 155
Body fat: dont know
This will be my 3rd cycle. My first was a test only cycle using one dose of sus a week. My second cycle was a test deca cycle using one dose of test400 and deca 300. So my question is what amounts of cyp/deca should i do a week and should i add anything to it. I would like to get back to my original weight of 200
brother, i dont think anyone is going to be able to advise you to use steroids at your height and weight... thats drastically undersized for steroid use.. .that could be very detrimental using steroids being that far underweight...
Back only 3 months? You got to give it more time than that. The juice will be there when you're ready.
You definitely need more consistent time in the gym and a better foundation first bud
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