1. L

    Next cycle help

    Dylan: I truly appreciate this incredible resource & trust the collective experience of all the members. Considering next cycle to start January ‘24 & would appreciate input. Background: 47 yr old M 5’10” 168lbs ~12% BF Struggled w/ weight since adolescence. Was my fattest (220lbs/~35% BF)...
  2. C

    Lean Mass cycle

    I’m my ifbb training buddy outlined a cycle for me for lean mass gain. It seems like a lot to me and wanted to get y’all’s input. I’m 6’3, 235, 14% bf The cycle is Test C Npp Eq Primo Turinabol Weeks 1-6 Test 500/ week Primo 600/ week EQ 400/ week NPP 150 eod Turinabol 40-80mg ed Weeks 7-12...
  3. S

    Female cycle

    Hi, I’ve done a few cycles before both with Sarms, oils and orals over the years. Hoping to get some recommendations for my next cycle. Stats 31y, female, weightlifting 6days a week, cardio 6-7 days a week(mostly cycling), 140lb, 5’7, 15% bf. My latest cycle started with carderine and s4 to...
  4. R

    First Blast

    So I have never blasted before, but have been on Doctor prescribed TRT for almost two years. Prior to TRT I had zero experience with steroids. How does this look? I prefer a short ester due to the frequency of the bloods my doctor requires. Age: 34 Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 BF: 12% Week 1-8...
  5. L

    NPP, Dbol, Test Cycle

    I've recently watched Dylans video on NPP and as somebody who's done a Deca cycle in the past and loved it, but was deterred from the water retention. I was incline benching 275 for sets of 8-10 and bentover barbell rowing 315 for sets of 10+ easily by the end of the cycle. I'm looking to...
  6. C

    Bulking cycle

    Hi all new to this forum Want to start my 2nd cycle that being a bulking one, test e,decca & dbol kickstart for weeks 1-4. Can someone outline the way i should take this cycle as im now debating whether to replace decca for npp, as ive read i. This day & age its alot better and with little...
  7. Mark Diesel

    Holding a lot of water on deca, question.

    First time running deca. I knew I had to keep my diet more in check with it, and I am. My estrogen and prolactin are completely in check. I’m holding A LOT of water, it’s quite messy. Though, I LOVE the way I feel on it. I am a powerlifter, but I also like to look a little better than a water...
  8. M

    NPP+Test Prop and Cyp Cycle: LiBido

    Hey Dylan I went over your NPP YouTube video which was extremely helpful and I appreciate the instruction and guidance that you give a lot of us , even with some experience we learn alot. I guess the question that I have and concern is I can’t seem to find caber anywhere. I was going to run a...
  9. m555zma

    NPP appetite!

    Man I'm getting hungry as hell out of nowhere on week 4 of npp. Dude I'm like a jet burning through fuel. I hope this doesnt get worse next week and so on. Npp is intense
  10. M

    True milligrams? How much can REALY BE TRUE

    Question guys, normal NPP has a dossage of 100mg/ 1ml but now is have this new brand claiming it to be 200mg/ml it sure as hell works en i know a lot of people (in holland) use this brand. However i was wondering is this possible ? Can it really be 200mg/1ml or isn’t there a max here? Srry for...
  11. J

    NPP vs Deca

    I am gonna start a cycle in about a month and I wanna know what are the main differences between the two. I have tried NPP before, but I don't like the fact that you have to pin every two days and with deca that is not the case. Is water retention worse with deca that with NPP? My goal is a very...
  12. S

    Inspired by Dylans TBol enhancement, possible lighter Tren?

    Hey guys, just made this and deleted it, time to retype So what I'm doing here s trying to emulate Tren, for people who can't use Tren for any reason, this is gonna be a little rushed because I already went through it all once haha Ok here we go NPP 300-400mg per week, more if experienced-...
  13. J

    Switching esters. Dylan please respond.

    I have been on test e, EQ, and npp for 8 weeks. I was injecting 3x a week. My last injection had no npp in it. It's been 5 days since my last npp injection. Today I will be switching to standard Deca. My question is: do I need to front load a little bit? Or do you think the npp is still in my...
  14. T

    NPP question for a newbie to nandrolones

    Hi guys. This is my first post and I've got a question about NPP. But first some stats: I'm a healthy and (relatively) fit 52 year old. I like to use steroids to improve my health and overall condition, rather than for competition or to get huge. I've been weight-training on and off for about...
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