NPP+Test Prop and Cyp Cycle: LiBido


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Hey Dylan
I went over your NPP YouTube video which was extremely helpful and I appreciate the instruction and guidance that you give a lot of us , even with some experience we learn alot. I guess the question that I have and concern is I can’t seem to find caber anywhere. I was going to run a NPP and test cycle for eight weeks with arimidex but after your video you said not to run that cycle unless you have caber as well, so I’m kind of stuck since I can’t seem to get my hands on it do you suggest anything else that is easier to get a hold of to run with the cycle? Or do you think I will be OK with just running test and NPP and Adex?
Main Y main concern is I do Not to want to mess with my Libido. AT ALL
Experience: 3rd Cycle
All other cycles have been test cycles
This will be my first NPP cycle.
Any cycle recommendations also welcome and appreciated.


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You definitively need to control your prolactin bro.. go to the source section - quite a few sources have caber


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Send me a PM bro. I'll get you a price list for biotech, which has Pharma grade caber for a great price AND its domestic