1. M

    NPP+Test Prop and Cyp Cycle: LiBido

    Hey Dylan I went over your NPP YouTube video which was extremely helpful and I appreciate the instruction and guidance that you give a lot of us , even with some experience we learn alot. I guess the question that I have and concern is I can’t seem to find caber anywhere. I was going to run a...
  2. RUCingdsgainz

    Chlomid/Nova cause drop in libido?

    Does chlomid and nova drop your libido? I thought it was supost to help bring it back. I am going on week 5 of pct decided to add another week to help give my body a boost. But still I feel like my libido is still really low. Blood work scheduled for Monday the day i finish week 5 of pct...
  3. B

    New Member - Intro and Reason for being here

    Hey there guys and girls, Found the forum while investigating a supplier, Aces Pharma. Joined the forum today in hopes of reading a bunch of posts that have anything to do with older lifters (40+) running gear as TRT. I have been lifting off and on (More on, than off) for decades through kids...
  4. A

    need some help/advice

    Hi Dylan , i love your videos , very informative and i would like to ask your opinion about some issues i`ve been having lately . All my life i`ve been a very sexual person , but now due to some changes that are about to occur in my life , i`m stressed a lot , cant think right , my confidence...
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