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Hey there guys and girls,
Found the forum while investigating a supplier, Aces Pharma. Joined the forum today in hopes of reading a bunch of posts that have anything to do with older lifters (40+) running gear as TRT. I have been lifting off and on (More on, than off) for decades through kids and work and coaching youth sports. Never run anything beyond pre-workout for years and just recently tried "Diesel Test Hardcore" test booster(Didn't notice any REAL significant effects after 60 days). I'm interested in increasing my test to see what the affect on life, in and out, of the gym will be like. I'm lifting regularly (3 on, 1 off) and have been logging weights/reps for about 8 years straight. Diet is pretty good, not eating after 7:00pm, definitely not eating for size right now, more so for energy and feeling.

I'm not going for "Bodybuilding/Low BF%" results, but would like to see increases in strength and aggressiveness while training. An uptick in libido would also be desired as I'm not the same man I used to be 10 years ago in the bedroom.

Thanks in advance for the wealth of knowledge, as well as the sounding board this forum creates for people seeking advice and support with this stage of life. I already know I'm in a better place just being here. Sincere thanks.


Stats are below:

Age: 41
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 270
Body fat %: Not sure but I'd say in the 20-30% range based on loose mass. No real vascularity.
Years of training: 20 years+
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): OTC Test Booster only (2 bottles)
PCT for each cycle: N/A
Goals: TRT type results. Strength and Libido. Hopefully some aesthetic improvements will be organic.
Supplements (if any): PWO (at times), Vitamins, Caffeine
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???) Try to eat something early (Bagel/Peanut Butter) and always a big lunch, no dinner except on Fri/Sat.
Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.): Injured Left Shoulder - ROM is terrible, no overhead movements or behind neck squats. Tweaked lower back prevents DL's.
Welcome, and 40+ club is a good place to be knowledge always helps along with COMMON SENSE!!!! Probably first person to get back to you but your PCP can either be Godsend or Hitler jr... stats are a good thing to know but if your even think TRT like results and even if not you should know where you stand.. especially IN 40+CLUB... bloods cholesterol lipids test levels as of now!! kidney function
Estrogen levels. Sit down have a talk with him.. and if not comfortable with him find someone you to help keep an eye on things!

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Appreciate the words of wisdom. Feeling welcome, already. Been a while since I was on a Forum, looking forward to the interactions with you guys and girls.

Take care brother,
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