1. T

    Cycle Advice: Test, Deca, Tbol

    2nd cycle here. I'm currently around 10% bf, aiming to shred down to 7%, then bulk. So this cycle is kind of a shred then mini lean bulk. my primary goal is to get silly shredded, but in 2019 I'd like to add a good 10-15lbs of muscle. I've been on TRT for 2 years, and done Deca a few times...
  2. B

    Thoughts on Caber? Safe to use?

    Hi Everybody, After a long battle trying to recover my body after past steroid use and having nothing work, i decided to cut my losses and go on TRT. Since I'd be on Test for the rest of my life, i decided to do a quick 12 week blast before going into my original 100mg/wk Test Cyp dosage...
  3. Mark Diesel

    Caber source needed

    I think I got scammed with my recent prami purchase so I need a legitimate caber source, I've heard Biotech is solid. If someone could reach out to me it would be appreciated!
  4. M

    NPP+Test Prop and Cyp Cycle: LiBido

    Hey Dylan I went over your NPP YouTube video which was extremely helpful and I appreciate the instruction and guidance that you give a lot of us , even with some experience we learn alot. I guess the question that I have and concern is I can’t seem to find caber anywhere. I was going to run a...
  5. E

    Test/Deca blast coming up. Questions regarding Prolacting and Caber

    Hey guys, been on TRT for a few years now and a few months ago I increased the dose from 125mg/week to 600/week for 10 weeks as a first blast. great results. I've waited some time and want to try Test/Deca 500/300 respectively per week for 15 weeks. I will have cabergoline on hand. What is...
  6. T

    Dostinex sides

    Hey people, Started my long awaited Test and Deca (350mg per week) cycle 1.5 week ago. Including 0.5mg Dostinex every 3 days of course. Could just be a bug or something else... but I have been nauseous when I smell food for the last 2 days. (Which means it gets very hard to eat...) Could this...
  7. M

    Domestic Source For Dostinex....

    Hey all, As title states, wondering if any of you gentlemen could help me with a domestic (USA) source for Dostinex? I would greatly appreciate it...trying to get all supplies within the states due to only having 1 good address left. Thanks for any help
  8. K

    Cabergoline for Libido problems

    So I have low libido and slight ED caused by Finasteride and Antidepressants. I bought some Cabergoline for my NPP cycle 2 months ago (with testosterone replacement therapy) but never used it. I have stopped NPP for the last 2 months. Working out whether to use the Caber or not. Question...