Thoughts on Caber? Safe to use?


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Hi Everybody,

After a long battle trying to recover my body after past steroid use and having nothing work, i decided to cut my losses and go on TRT.

Since I'd be on Test for the rest of my life, i decided to do a quick 12 week blast before going into my original 100mg/wk Test Cyp dosage.

With that being said, I just took my week 7 shot and not much as changed since being on Test. My lifts and energy are up a bit, libido is up a tiny bit, but nothing like i expected at this point.

It's possible that i may get that "kick in" in the subsequent weeks but in the meantime, i had a lot of interests in other supplements that could boost libido.

I've been taking proviron since starting the cycle and even added in masteron prop last week, but still my sex drive and motivation to talk to girls is lack luster at best.

After copious reads on the online forums, i stumbled on cabergoline and read plenty of people experiencing increased libido, well being etc.

However i also read a few stories of people who suffered from DAWS or anhedonia after stopping and tapering off cabergoline and havent recovered since.

Obviously thats a scary thought and i wanted to get your guys opinion on the matter.

Is it possible to take a low dose of Caber, something like .25 a week and still be fine. Even if i took .5 per week which is the standard dose would i have to worry about suffering long lasting and or permanent brain chemical malfunction? Am I being paranoid and caber is safer to use than perceived? or are there inherent risks that should definitely influence my decision?

Thanks for the help in advance!
I had no issues with low dose Caber 0.25mg twice a week and i've used it in 3 cycles. I definitely experienced a significant libido increase with it. It makes me a little tired so I take it before bed.

It's good to do research but you have to find out for yourself what will work for you. Just don't get too carried away with the dosage.
Hey I feel you man!

Thanks for the response.

I plan to do .25 twice a week myself. I just want to keep it light and maybe use it for 3-4 weeks at most.

Those stories of anhedonia spooked me a bit but i havent had a great libido in years so i wanted to try it.

definitely plan to use it judiciously.
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