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    Thoughts on Caber? Safe to use?

    Hi Everybody, After a long battle trying to recover my body after past steroid use and having nothing work, i decided to cut my losses and go on TRT. Since I'd be on Test for the rest of my life, i decided to do a quick 12 week blast before going into my original 100mg/wk Test Cyp dosage...
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    Domestic Source For Dostinex....

    Hey all, As title states, wondering if any of you gentlemen could help me with a domestic (USA) source for Dostinex? I would greatly appreciate it...trying to get all supplies within the states due to only having 1 good address left. Thanks for any help
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    NPP question for a newbie to nandrolones

    Hi guys. This is my first post and I've got a question about NPP. But first some stats: I'm a healthy and (relatively) fit 52 year old. I like to use steroids to improve my health and overall condition, rather than for competition or to get huge. I've been weight-training on and off for about...