1. R

    TRT - 6 weeks bloods

    Morning all, Just had bloods for the first time on TRT (Dr prescribed) Current protocol: Test cyp 25mg Every other day HCG: 200iu EOD 6 weeks in this puts me at Testosterone: 30.9 nmol/L (range 8.64 - 29) - high Free test: 1.08 nmol/L (range 0.2 - 0.62) - high Oestradiol: 184 pmol/L (range...
  2. R

    TRT and free test level

    Hello all, So i'm on TRT (25mg EOD and HCG 200iu EOD, this puts my levels around 600, but my free test is very top end. Would increasing my dose be beneficial to get in the 900's, or would this mean my free test would be way over the limit and i'm actually optimal now? I get acne really bad if...
  3. J

    TRT Formula (Cyp 200mg/ Anastrozole .5mg)

    Purchased from NapsGear... With the Anastrozole in it, is it ok to pin this subQ? Thanks in advance!
  4. R

    First Blast

    So I have never blasted before, but have been on Doctor prescribed TRT for almost two years. Prior to TRT I had zero experience with steroids. How does this look? I prefer a short ester due to the frequency of the bloods my doctor requires. Age: 34 Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 BF: 12% Week 1-8...
  5. C

    Testosterone blood test, thinking about doing TRT

    Looking for clarification on my testosterone blood test Can someone help me interpret these results below? I got it done here in the UK not sure if thats why it has a totally different units of volume system, whihc confused me a bit. I thought about going onto TRT as I have some of the...
  6. I

    Time for TRT?

    Just got labs back (see attached). Test 170 and Estradiol <5.0. Everything else in "normal" (but low'ish) range. I am 40yo, 6'2', 200lbs. Currently running mk677 and GW. So, nothing suppressive. Just started Cel M-Test to try and boost my levels naturally. Pretty damn low though and I've been...
  7. RUCingdsgainz

    Doctor prescribing Deca, HGH, testerone and MK677?

    Just found a health and wellness center that can prescribe things other then testosterone. I go to a health and wellness doctor who give me test but I did not know I could possibly get anything else. Does anyone have a doctor who has offered anything else? I did not know MK677 was even allowed...
  8. B

    Thoughts on Caber? Safe to use?

    Hi Everybody, After a long battle trying to recover my body after past steroid use and having nothing work, i decided to cut my losses and go on TRT. Since I'd be on Test for the rest of my life, i decided to do a quick 12 week blast before going into my original 100mg/wk Test Cyp dosage...
  9. TotalPackage

    Quickest Way to get Testosterone Level down to high normal

    Hey guys I need some ideas. My TRT practice caught me off guard........they want 6 months bloodwork. I've been with these guys for four years now..........I didn't think I was due for blood work until October. My TT level is probably at about 4200 right now........using 600mg test /week right...
  10. C

    TRT, Esters and low SHBG

    I’m on TRT, 200mg/wk (less gives me low T symptoms, feel better on 250, but doctors are freaked to even give me 200, so I don’t push it). SHBG is 14. Are certain esters better for low SHBG vs high SHBG?
  11. H

    incorporating RAD-140 into my TRT programme

    First post here, will try to make it a simple one. Background Info - I've been weight lifting consistently for the last four years - I have never ran a cycle of juice in the past and have no desire to, because of the potential side-effects and risks involved - For almost a year now, I have...
  12. H

    Current TRT user needing HELP STEROID CYCLE

    Hello everybody. I’m a current TRT user who is on 200 mg of Test Cypionate split into 2 injections per week. I am highly interested in using an anabolic steroid. Thanks to the wonderful information from Mr. Gemelli , I’ve been come to the conclusion that either Turinobal or Primobolan are my...
  13. D

    Should Most middle aged guys do TRT for Life Optimization?

    Hey guys, Would like to get your opinion on what your thoughts are about starting TRT for life optimization in your 40s and above. My Total T was 580 and Free T was 11.0. I had an SHBG of 42. Im 45 and feel the age related decline, brain fog, tired loss of muscle mass. Im on the fence about...
  14. T

    post contest, cruise help?

    Hey guys, I just got done with my bodybuilding contest last week. I had to travel a lot internationally post it. So lot of flying post it. ( around 20 hours). I did cheat on my diet a few days post it. Ate overboard. Now I am looking extremely watery and fat. I was planning on maintaining form...
  15. M

    Post CT & TRT

    I saw your video on the new DGA Post CT. I was wondering if you can use this on cycle/trt(rather than HCG), and what the dosage & frequency would be. Much appreciated
  16. M

    PCT with Clomid after 9 months HRT

    Hi Everyone, Long time stalker but first time poster so I will try and include as much detail as possible regarding my question. Alittle background, I am 42yrs old, 220lbs and been training most of my life. In college I ran a few cycles between 12 - 14weeks and followed hcg/clomid PCT each...
  17. B


    Hi everyone! I'm 38 years old and after my annual blood testing the testosterone level was 240 ng/dl and estradiol (36) - really?? yeah man.. that bad! After that I reached an orthomolecular doctor to fix that issue up for my well-being. On the first month of treatment he has prescribed some...
  18. J

    Adding Testolone to TRT

    When used in conjunction with TRT, will RAD 140 raise testosterone levels? Will I need to work around my bloodwork lab dates? Also, if I'm following a ketogenic diet, is a stack of RAD 140, GW-501516 and my TRT an appropriate combo? 49 y.o. male 200 lbs 23% bf (estimated) CrossFit 5-6 times...
  19. Mark Diesel

    PROVIRON ... once or twice a day TRT (bridge?)

    LOVE Pharmacom, looking into Proviron for bridge, or maybe whole time on trt between cycles. Powerlifter, so I'm just trying to feel good in the gym while on 200mg cruise. Pharmacom comes in 50mg tabs, once a day ok? Or bump it to 100mg with twice a day administration? Currently on week 3 --->...
  20. C

    PCT after 1 year of trt 100 mg test cypionate a week

    Hi Guys, have a question on the recommend protocol for pct after a year of a standard 100 mg a week cypionate dosage after a year of trt. I intend to utilize clomid but would like dosage parameters. Details below. I was on trt for about 1 year straight. The anti aging clinic gave me 200 mg...
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