Time for TRT?


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Just got labs back (see attached). Test 170 and Estradiol <5.0. Everything else in "normal" (but low'ish) range. I am 40yo, 6'2', 200lbs.

Currently running mk677 and GW. So, nothing suppressive. Just started Cel M-Test to try and boost my levels naturally. Pretty damn low though and I've been feeling the affect for a long time. Could also be stress related.

Made an appointment to get script for test but wondering if you guys have any other suggestions. I don't mind getting on TRT at all, but it's a life change. I guess its time!

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thats really something to discuss with your doctor bro... noone can tell you what you should do from here... we cant see your bloodwork picture but just based off what you said, your test is very very low and so is your estrogen so there are issues you need to discuss with your doctor
Your at a good age and your test levels are low. I don’t see any reason to not go on TRT. I plan on going full TRT at 35. But it is a personal decision man gotta way out your quality of life at this point in my opinion.
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