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Hi All,

I'm in need of skme advise advise please.

I am a 27 yo male weigh around 9.5st and height around 5'6

Ill start at the beginning it started when i was 12 or 13 i was a chunky fella who had some serious shit happen that caused a downward spiral. From taking all sorts of shit like viagra and prillgy at the ages if 16 for years up to 23 24. I know it was stupid but the reason behind this is i have a micropenis and at the time it made me feel better.

The reason i mentioned the above i believe the years of abuse has severly caused some hormonal imbalance and possible testosterone reduction. Im now a very skinny guy with little no no muscle masse, i find it hard wating one meal a day and constantly feel lethargic.

Ive recently said enough is enough and im trying to get myself into shape im currently taking multivitamins for lack of nutrition eat around 1-1.5k calories a day in food and supplement anothrr 1.5k calories a day with a shake (yes it's very difficult to keep this up).

Anyway i want to start the gym but have little to no knowledge how/where to start bearing in mind im fully competent to research this and find out i wondered if somone on here can give some kind of routine or plan i could use ( i work on a 4 on 4 off shift rotating days/night 12 hour shift) gym might be an issue some days.

Ive attached some pics of my meady body type now and essentially im not looking to look crazy big but at least look full not tiny as people always call me.

Ive researched SARMs and can see the benefits bit also the cons. I know im a beginner and i should hit a plateau first but i really want fast gains i need something to boost my mood apetite strenght even if its a placebo affect u just dont ever feel hungry or strong.

Along with a gym routine could someone advise a stack that i coukd take to give me the gains i want (should i pair with Dermacrine) thrn use a pct afterward?

I understabd this is alot of info and im asking alot but woukd appreciate any help i could get
Fast gains= not sustainable gains nor quality gains I don't think this is the right decision, in the end it us up to you it is your life after all. I would focus on a clean proper diet and a strong training program and building a foundation z jumping on sarms or gear for quick results is not the answer and in the end it will leave you disappointed and not work out how you think it will.
Ive heard certain sarms or what fall away from that catergory can help with apetite and the constant lethargic feeling and weakness is there anything i can take to help with this? Im working on a diet plan that i can try to stick to so far i have breakfast lunch which will be 100g rolled oats and a bagel with 100g peanut butter should easily give me 12-1400kcal but what would be gpod options for an actual meal etc i can add up to 3-400 mor kcal with another 100g of nuts throughout the day.

Also seen as im a real noob where would be the best place to get guidnace of what to do when im in the gym, im told as an ectomorph i need to lift big but in little doses is that right?
mk677 and ghrp-6 and ghrp-2 are the kings of helping with appetite but you need to work on yourself naturally right now.. 1500 calories in shakes is just so far off the wall its incredible... maybe 300-400 tops in calories from shakes but you should start off with bloodwork and go get everything checked to see if there are any underlying issues there... there's no human even one that has one functioning brain cell, that would advise you to use any PED right now...
bros sarms won't grow your dick
maybe talk to a plastic surgeon
Dylan ahs you covered! For the best quality SARMS and peptides make sure to check out Umbrella Labs!
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