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Hey guys

Looking to start a safe stack of non invasive stuff, not willing to mess with hormones etc so only considering things that do not require PCT other than some herbs.

Can you tell me what combination would be the best? Im thinking of running MK677 for a prolonged period with GW on cycles (i have seen the dosage) - is it any good? Or can you suggest better combo?

Im 28yo and got approx 12 years of training experience on/off. Currently at 96kgs with approx 18% BF. 186cm height.

Also any herbs or other supps you could recommend to go together with the stack?

I got currently:
d3 8000ui
curcumin/ginger/black pepper
Coleus forkskohli
Lions mane
Omega 369
Ferrochel iron
7 Mushroom complex
Water pills
Garcinia cambogia
Tongkat ali
Liver support
Beta alanine

Also thinking about adding resveratrol.

As You can see Im quite a herbs fan 😄 ive read quite alot about herbs, but I know there are far more informed individuals in places like this forum, hence looking for Your opinions.

Is it not overdoing it? Anything I should consider adding or maybe letting go?
Im after overall well-being and currently looking to gain lean mass.

Any response will be appreciated greatly, thanks for your support in advance!! 👋
there are certain herbs i would say everyone should be taking.. resveratrol definitely.. coq10, magnesium of course... d3/k2.. i definitely think tumeric/curcumin/ginger is one that all should take... i use red yeast rice as a natural statin as well as niacin in high doses... theres not an issue with your stack here accept "water pills" which i would not recommend unless its a natural diuretic like dandelion root or uva ursi... it comes down to what you personally need..
Thanks! based on that I’ll go ahead and assume MK677 and GW combo works well together.
I’ll get resvertrol and Q10 on top of the stack, and then some herb T booster for break periods between GW cycles. That’s the plan at least, we will see after first cycle.

As for water pills its herb based from swanson. I have some tendency to retain water and this stuff is super cheap so got it just in case.

I will update once I get everything delivered and started :) thanks!
Hi Mobsterthemob,

Appreciate Your input - could You share arguments behind Your statement?
Also what is N2Guard?
Hi Mobsterthemob,

Appreciate Your input - could You share arguments behind Your statement?
Also what is N2Guard?
n2guard is a support supplement sold on ebay or n2bm
it has everything you listed plus 44 ingredients
Bros non-invasive like you're talking about a plant or an animal LOL
Non-invasive species? I’ve only heard of non-native :)

Btw I am not a native English speaker, sorry for any mistakes.

I will think about N2guard when I will be running low since so many recommend it. Thx

How long would you recommend running MK-677?
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