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  • for a list email at [email protected], use the code "Frank" when you email. They will ask you for your gender and state you live in. if they do not ask you both those questions do not move forward. this is a security measure. domestic source only to USA that carries steroids, ancillaries, PCT drugs, etc etc.. Also, ask him for a sarm's list, he is the only seller of capsuled sarms who is domestic and his stuff is cheaper than other places, use the "Frank" code the same way for sarms
    I'm reading the responses from some of these people in regards to "first cycles", etc. The people asking these questions are taking a beating. I'm actually smiling while I read them. I'm not saying it's not deserved. I'm saying that you novice guys don't take it so personal. At least you're getting some legit advice.

    When I started cycling 30 years ago I made many mistakes and there was no such thing as PCT. Many people in the gym were jealous and nobody wanted to tell you the truth about how to cycle, what they were taking, diet, etc.

    Now, with the advent of the internet and forums like this, you new guys should welcome this hard advice. Take solace in the fact you're not being BS'd.
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