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    Hematocrit & Hemoglobin

    I'm on the carnivore diet. The meat and beef liver could be exacerbating it. But, yes, I seem to run high regardless.
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    Hematocrit & Hemoglobin

    Doing only 100-120 mg of TRT (sub q) a week my hematocrit and hemoglobin are always high. Range for hematocrit for adult males 13.8-17.2. Without fail my blood work comes back anywhere from 18 to over 19. In fact, I recently donated blood two weeks before my checkup with my primary and my...
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    Thanks brother. Sucks getting old. Can't get away with what I could when I was younger.
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    Just turned 59.
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    Newbie - arm immflamation/tennis elbow

    I had incredibly painful elbow tendinitis and bursitis. I as constantly getting cortisone injections. I also did PRP, which did nothing for me. However, I'll tell you what was a lifesaver for me. Mark Bell's elbow sleeves. Have ever seen a powerlifter use a powerlifting shirt for the bench...
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    Most people, particularly younger folks, don't get their prostate checked when doing blood work. Anyone with an idea of what steroid (other than test-I'm on TRT 120mg a week) that doesn't affect the prostate as much? Couple years ago I hit a moderate cycle of Test 350, Deca 350, EQ 300 and...
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    Farritin levels or RBC

    No. I was donating because I needed to. My RBC/hemoglobin runs high. Even on TRT it creeps up. So, in order to keep it down I'd have to donate. In the process I developed anemia from donating every 3-4 months. I stopped donating and my iron levels went back to normal. However, I keep my TRT at a...
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    Time on TRT before next cycle (or, time between blasts)

    I believe time on = time off should include your PCT. So, cycle of 12 weeks, plus PCT = time off. Or am I wrong?
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    Farritin levels or RBC

    I produce a lot of rbc. When I'm on TRT (100mg) my rbc rise above the normal level. I was donating blood every 3-4 months for years and developed anemia (low ferritin and other iron markers). I stopped donating and my iron/ferritin levels went back to normal. I have to donate less often.
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    TRT Dose and AI

    When I was using 200mg of Test Cyp a week my testosterone levels came in between 1200-1300. I was using 1mg of Arimidex a week, and it crashed my estrogen. I was at "7" for my estrogen. I didn't feel any different, but I stopped using the Arimidex and my estrogen came back up into normal range...
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    Rising PSA

    How much TRT are you taking? 200mg a week? How old are you? I don't know much about YK, but testosterone and age will have your PSA rise. The older you get the more careful you need to be. When I first started TRT probably 10 years or so ago, my PSA was around 1.3. Androgel had my PSA level rise...
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    Detection times

    Thanks for the input everyone.
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    Detection times

    Can the detection times of steroids change depending on the length of the cycle. For example, we know running Deca, most run it anywhere from 10-14 weeks, the detection time can be as high as 18 months. If you ran Deca, let's say at 6-8 weeks, would the detection time be less than 18 months? I'm...
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    OSGear - Your Trusted Anabolic Store! - Feedback & Reviews

    Looking for domestic USA Halotestin. I see Odin Pharma has it. Does your Pharmaqo Halo ship USA?
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    Steroids the Series Opinion Video: Why do steroids get a bad name? A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Thanks for the video and all the content you put out. I wanted to add, if you don't mind, how the media contributed greatly to the steroids are bad hysteria. The media will report that steroids are the scourge of the modern era and exaggerate the claims of "roid rage" (no such thing IMO)...