Older guys on TRT, or cycle, get your prostate checked


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When guys get their blood work done, in most cases, PSA is not on the blood work to be checked. When you're doing a cycle, as a younger guy, it doesn't matter. You aren't worried about your prostate. Kidney's, liver, cholesterol and blood pressure are more of a concern when cycling. However, for older guys, like myself, who participate in TRT and hit the occasional cycle it's important to get the PSA test added to the blood work every so often. I won't get into how flawed the PSA test is I can get into that at another time, but the "normal" score for a PSA test is 0-4. Once it hits 4 or above that's considered a red flag. Since I started TRT about 10 or more yrs ago my PSA has slowly crept up. After a cycle? It's gone as high as 5.8 and most recently 4.5. I've had two Multi-parametric MRI's for my prostate and both showed no signs of lesions or tumors. However, it did show I had chronic prostatitis and an enlarged prostate, which was the cause of my rising PSA.

Unfortunately, a friend ignored some warning signs such as an interrupted urine stream, some pelvic pain. When he finally went to get checked his PSA was over 20. He had stage 4 prostate cancer and it had gotten outside his prostate and metastisized. He was also an avid bodybuilder throughout his life and cycled on and off.

Steroids does affect your prostate, particularly as we age. Older guys should keep that in mind. For older guys I'd avoid orals, or at most some Anavar. Keep your cycle with mild steroids and dosages at moderate levels.

Maybe Dylan can do a video on cycling for older guys.
people should always add in certain tests, like the PSA whenever they are ordering panels if its not in the package they are ordering.. ive always ordered packages that included psa and cholesterol but those are two that always need to checked... other tests to think about are ferritin and prolactin but if you have any concerns about things that are not included in whatever package you ordered, you should always add them in just to be sure
100%. the prostate is a very sensitive part of the male body and more and more people are developing cancer at a younger age. even guys in their 20's and younger. .. you also need to make sure you are up to date on your STD testing as well especially if you have been fucking around with multiple people because you can spread something to a loved one and really regret it. and also keep up to date on all your vaccines. preventative medicine is what smart people do !
PSA is very important for anyone on cycle or TRT. Even moreso as you increase in age. Definitely don't neglect any aspect of your health. Due diligence is very important in all matters pertaining to the affects PEDs can present.
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